BaliAudax… My first cycling tour

My first cycling tour! I’m off to paradise island for an event called BaliAudax, an “Advance Cycling Challenge” take place on the island of Bali. We will ride 410Km in 2 days from Kuta to Lovina in day 1 and back again to Kuta in the second day as the map shown above.

I’ve done bike (as not  to confuse with bicycle) tour in Bali back in 2007 (story in this link), with my fellow Ducatisti we rode in Bali during Indonesia independence day holiday. That time we took north path to the Batur Mountain and explore the central part of Bali, this time with bicycle I’ll took Bali’s coastal road in a clock wise direction.

410km is by no mean short, even by motor bike standard to take in 2 days. Though the road is relatively flat there are some climbing along the way. As the contour of the road shown above we’ll have about 2+km of climbing in total, with the steepest climb in the second day with max 9.4% (meaning the road ascent 9.4 m every 100 m of distance).

I’ve been preparing for this event for about 2 months, riding a minimum of 200km a week, and just last week I’ve tried 100km in one day. Took me about 3 hr 33 minutes to ride that 100km. With calories burn about 3000+ cal. Just awesome!

I’m pretty excited about this bike “challenge”, I hope everything will go well and I’ll bring along the BaliAudax medal on the way home! Stay tune for the full report at bonadjalins’ blog.


5 thoughts on “BaliAudax… My first cycling tour

  1. Our usual short trip to Bandung via puncak, about 400km in 2 days. But NEVER on a man-powered vehicle :p
    Truly an Advance Cycling Challange! *bowing*

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