Reverse shift pattern…

Finaly I decided to reverse the shift pattern on my bike. Normal bike has 1 DOWN – N – and 2,3,4,5 and 6 UP. With the reverse pattern, the 1 will be UP – N – 2,3,4,5 and 6 will be DOWN.

This reverse pattern is commonly used by race bike, as a matter of fact, almost all motoGP rider is using this reverse pattern. John Hopkins (I read onced) is the only known motoGP rider that still using normal shift pattern (1 DOWN).

Here’s my reason in doing so…

1. Up Shift during cornering is much easier

This is I think the most important reason. When you in a long sweeper, with the rev already nearing the red line it is much easier to Up Shift with just a press of your toe on the shift lever. Case in point is the R10-11-12 at Sentul Circuit. When you hard in 2nd gear coming to the R10, the engine is already screming near the red line. Pass R11, just press your toe and you in 3rd. With normal pattern, your toe need to be placed under the shift lever before entering R10, bit too much preparation and cumbersome. Not to mentioned that you already in max lean, getting your right knee down, thus you left foot is bit tip-toe ing on the rear set. Tough!

2. Avoid incidental too much Down Shifting

This is also important. You Up Shift too much the bike will not do much. You will only loose some torque coming out of corner. No big deal. But if you Down Shift too much nearing the red line is different story. The rear end will shake, and if you lean preparing for a corner, you might get thrown away by the bike.

By making Down Shift a lot more effort than Up Shift, you can avoid too much Down Shifting and locking the rear tire.

3. Hey.. Rossi and Stoner doing it!

Perhaps the reason why so many racer; up to motoGP rider, is using reverse pattern is because it is working, especially in racing situation.

Now, just because Rossi use it do not means you need to change your shift pattern right away! Especially if you have already in normal pattern for a long time. Changing the shift pattern will require you to change your subconscious thinking when riding a motorcycle. In high RPM in race situation changing gear has dire consequences, it can harm you if you wrongly doing so.

As for me, the first step was to change all the shift pattern of my bike. Meaning the Suzuki Satria, the Monster and finally the CBR will need to change. For several days the Monster has it shift pattern changed. Took it for a ride and I think I’m doing OK already.

For the Suzuki Satria, I did try the new reverse shift pattern during Friday (2/15) practice with Samuel. I must say,  I’m getting comfortable with it, and I can see the benefit in reverse shift.

For Sentul gokart track Up Shift in Turn 4 and Turn 12 is much easier.

Yet, too bad I crash and low sided in Turn 4 while Samuel crash in Turn 2. The track was slippery as it has been raining for days in Sentul. Yet, I do see the benefit of reverse shift pattern and I intend to stick with it. Next will be with the CBR.



8 thoughts on “Reverse shift pattern…

  1. A friend of mine reversed the gearshift pattern purely to add more security factor to his bike. Strange? Not really. He claims that by reversing the pattern, any fool trying to steal his bike will not be able to scamper away on his bike easily. I borrowed his bike once, not knowing of this matter, and immediately found it difficult to get the bike in gear (and moving).
    Anyhow, I’m used to engine braking by downshifting so there’ll be no plans to modify my bike as such. Besides, a 17 HP bike won’t bite as hard as a 100 plus HP bike, should I make a downshifting error, hehehehe….

  2. @r’dee

    Hehehe.. you got that right. First time I try the reverse shift without knowing it I thought the bike was broken.. hehehe.. silly me. It was a friend Satria with referse shift.. I started in 2 in always change to 1 when I intend to upshift.. The bike was broke I though.. and I honestly think I broke it.. hehehe

  3. hmm… fascinating, exactly how do you do that (technically)?.. Do you have to change the gearbox..(or what is it called that thing anyway..?) hehe

  4. @Stoner27..

    For my case no hardware change necessary to change to reverse shift pattern. Fortunatelly for my bikes all the rear set can be reversed simply by changing the direction of the con rod connecting the gear lever to the gear box. It took only 5 minutes to change them.

  5. You mean flipping the direction of the connector? (downwards to upwards?)
    Well, that won’t work on my bike, the deltabox is in the way..
    It’ll need some sort of adaptor, a stell cylinder with a longer nut.
    But it’ll look funny and out of place hehe..

    Btw.. still no luck with the villa sales 😦

  6. Yup.. is easy to change.

    Perhaps because all the bikes are using race rear sets. Thus changing the orientation of gear shift is easy.

    As to your Villas, no problem.. no hot prospect just yet.. 🙂

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