SpeedCar and GP2 @ Sentul Circuit

Well, another form of Motor Racing in four wheels!! It was the SpeedCar and GP2 championship this 16 and 17 Feb 2008 at Sentul Circuit. I’ve got a chance to saw it directly from the S Kecil chichane. It was intense!!

It was Saturday race, and the first race was the SpeedCar. This was Nascar like car, V8, 600+ bhp. The drivers are ex-F1 like Jean Alesi, Johny Herbert, etc. Indonesia was represented by Ananada Mikola and Moreno Suprapto.

You can watch it on TV, as local Trans 7 will be broadcasting the race live on Sunday. But seeing directly near at the race track is totally awesome. The sound was totally deafening The SpeedCar race is more like bom bom car, where they bump to each other, skidding, sliding all over the chichane.

Their lap time was about 1:33, in the same league with the FIM ASIA’s top racer like Hamaguchi.

The second race was the GP2, a Formula car race and a stepping stone to the F-1. Louis Hamilton was GP2 champion before his day in F-1. Just like other Formula car race, the race was a precision slicing and dicing at speed in excess of 250kph.

For GP2, their lap time is around 1:15. Some says GP2 can do down as low as 1:13 during qualification. Very-very quick! Not even MotoGP bike can get that low.

I plan to see the race again on Sunday, wait for the report soon..



2 thoughts on “SpeedCar and GP2 @ Sentul Circuit

  1. I didnt plan on watching it live, but I think I have to go through there anyway. My grandma invited my family for a BBQ in Rainbow Hills, Sentul.
    So I might see you there, bro bona…

  2. C U bro Eko…

    I hope this Sunday morning there will be some sunshine.. has been a while since the monster fired up.. need that sunday riding. 🙂

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