South West Sumatra Ride 2009 – Part 1


My first Ride Trip for 2009! My self and several of my Ducati friend took the National Holiday in Indonesia for a 4 days ride trip along Sumatra west coast from Bengkulu City (Point A at the map above) to Bukittinggi City (Point D) at the heart of the island via the coastal cities of Ipuh (Point B) and Padang (Point C). Total of about 800 km, with 9 bikes which were 4 Ducati Multistrada, 3 Ducati ST and 2 Ducati Monster. The trip start with a short flight from Jakarta to Bengkulu.

The group were:

Bona – Ducati Multistrada

Nug and Cindy – Ducati Mutlistrada

iBoy – Ducati Multistrada

Danang – Ducati Multistrada

Iwan and Winda – Ducati ST3

Gun – Ducati ST3

Didi – Ducati ST2

Yudha – Ducati Monster

Jade – Ducati Monster

The flight to Bengkulu takes about 55 minutes from Jakarta. We arrived there around 9 AM and the weather were just perfect, it was blue sky when we arrived at Fatmawati Airport in Bengkulu.

Bandara Fatmawati Bengkulu

The bikes were already being transported by truck to Bengkulu and it takes about 24 hours to drive from Jakarta to Bengkulu crossing the Sunda Strait.


After some final checking of the bike we found one of the ST have starting problem but fortunately after about an hour or so the fix was found and we were ready to go. Just before we start a group photo was in order.


The first ride was just to sight seeing around Bengkulu city and to have lunch. Bengkulu is not a very famous tourist spot in Indonesia even though it has one of the nicest stretch of beach in Indonesia. There are vast palm oil plantation and other agro business which I suppose the province is relies on.


The weather was about 33C+ (92F) so it was hot especially with us wearing full riding gear, yet safety is paramount and full riding gear is a must, but when we move it was not so bad.


We went pass “Pantai Panjang” or “Long Beach” and it was beautiful. This long white sandy beach on our left facing the Indian Ocean is simply gorgeous. From there we have our first brake for lunch.


We had “Padang Food” for lunch, and it was delicious! The spice that they use is way different then the “mild” Padang Food in Jakarta. I still can remember my lips was burnt when I tried the “Green Chili”, yet the food was simply good. Also, we were eating with our hand for this kind of food to enjoy it fully 🙂

We were then on our way to Ipuh, about 160km north of Bengkulu City.


We were cruising on the west cost of Sumatra with Indian Ocean to our left heading north. Some of the scenery as bellow..


Bengkulu province were hit by major earth quake few years ago, and the scar is still visible..


The Indian Ocean to our left..


When we near our first destination, the city of Ipuh, we rode through plantation and getting some twisty road wich were very-very enjoyable..


Some more corner..


Yours trully…


Our stop at the gas station, the guys were enjoying the ride so far, even though they were some very-very bad road. Good thing I ride Mutlistrada!


We finally arrived in Ipuh around 6PM. After a very long shower, the cook had prepared us with a very fresh and delicious meals. Fresh prawn and fish taken just from the sea near by… Nyum!!!



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