Let’s the mod begin…. Ducati Monster S2R 800 Phase 1

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Well, well, well.. what do we have here..? Finally, the shipment of several items for my Monster has arrived. Two carton boxes delivered to my office and I cannot wait to check them out. Ducati Monster is one of the most modified bike out there, with tons of after market parts and accessories. For this first phase, I have decided to alter and to add the following to my Monster: SpeedyMoto Frame Slider, Carbon Fiber mud guard, Rear Sets and last but not least Zard Titanium Full Exhaust System.

Speedy Moto Frame Slider

Frame Slider is basically to protect the engine if (God forbid) you by any chance drop the bike. If that happen, the frame slider shall protect the delicate parts of the engine. I bought the Speedy Moto Frame Slider as it is highly recommended by several discussion board in the Internet.  

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Speedy Moto frame slider is bit short, compare to several slider I’ve seen in my friends Multistrada. Should be better though for the Monster, as it will not stuck out very much from the trellis frame the Monster so famous for.

Carbon Fiber Mud Guard

Monster S2R does not come with a mud guard. Monster 695 does come with a mud guard. Why you ask me? I have no idea. Considering the S2R is higher spec than 695, I personally think Ducati should add mud guard on the S2R.

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I choose the carbon fibre mud guard. And it was very light, not that really matters but I think it should be better compare the fibre glass version.

Rear Sets

The new rear sets is merely for the looks. It looks like a racing rear sets where the foot pegs, the rear brake and gear change pedal made from a very nice metal. The color is Antrachite… yup first time I heard about that color also but it certainly look very-very professionals.

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I originally did not want to change the rear sets. But I did drop my S2R once and it bended the gear change pedal. This new sets shall replace that and to look at the quality of the metal compare to the stock unit I think this will also look nice on the bike.

Zard Titanium Full System Exhaust

Now this is I think the most crucial mod there is for my S2R. Full system exhaust system made by Zard. Zard is an Italian company that the founder was originally a Termignoni designer. The reason I choose Zard is purely aesthetic. I love the looks of the round dual under seat silencer. Other brand like Termi, Remus, Quat-D do make under seat silencer but the silencer is not round, bit elliptic. Zard round silencer looks much nicer to me compare to other.


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Being a full system, the stock catalytic converter has to go and replaced by the Zard mid pipe. The silencer is Titanium, with a Zard logo on it. Very nice. It shall work with OEM ECU so I do not need to use power commander to make it dial in properly. It can crank out 102dB, or in other words LOUD! I admire the built quality of the unit cannot wait to have it installed on the S2R.


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Tomorrow the S2R with the parts will be delivered to Ducati workshop. Will report the results when all parts installed.

Thanks for reading!

15 thoughts on “Let’s the mod begin…. Ducati Monster S2R 800 Phase 1

  1. Ah Bro Sattar, you are too late.. I’ve been looking around for the Zard and finally bought them from Motowheels. If I know you knew somethinng elses I might reconsidered.. 🙂

  2. I hope that 102 dB exhaust system can outblast noisy ‘bebek’ mopeds exhaust noise. Or at least, make them obsolete into a bunch of scrap metals…. hehehe

  3. @r’dee

    I hope so too… xixixi…. I’ve seen one or two bebek mopeds that soo loud it hurt my ear.. even when I sit in my car with all window closed!!

    Not that I crave for loud bike, but bit louder should be nice. The stock unit is bit whimp.. xixixi

  4. The S2R Monster is for everyday ride (if not with car), short touing, hanging out, etc.

    996 is mostly intended for track use or monday morning ride around town..

  5. Wow!
    A new S2R, a superbike, and modification? All in a few months??
    You could’ve gone and get a new 1098s. hehehe
    But everyday riding would suck big time with jakarta traffic if u only have a superbike 🙂
    So, good choice.

    Looking forward to see the result of the mods.
    I’m picking up my bike at the shop today. I hope your bike is still there & they’ve finished installing the parts. Hopefully I could be the first to see the new modified S2R. hehehe

  6. I saw your bike in the shop yesterday, mine still in the shop since there was part missing. Well.. not missing, but apparently the S2R 2007 bit different with the earlier models thus we need to have some extra part to have the Zard installed. Good things the shop can modify and make the extra part, so I shall have my S2R back by the end of the week.

  7. hehehe…. I also saw ur bike yesterday.
    When I saw it, the missing part had already been installed.
    So I guess I saw the finished S2R modification before the owner did. hehehe

  8. @bro Eko: Yeah.. lucky you.. hahaha 😉

    @bro Citra: Need to slow down a bit.. but that 996 slipery clucth is soo tempting.. hahaha

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