Visit to BMW-Motorrad of Malaysia


Next stop is to the motorcyle of choice for hard core tourer, BMW-Motorrad. BMW-Motorrad of Malaysia is BMW motorcylce dealer for Malaysia. Located at the centre of KL, it is in the same building with the BMW car dealer in  Malaysia. So after buying, let say, an M5 you can go upstair and buy the R1200 as well for sunday evening ride.

This trip made possible again due to Nugroho’s vast network in Malaysia. We even picked up by Nugroho’s friend, he is the BMW-Motorrad sales manager, using brand new BMW 525 from our hotel to the shop. Talk about networking!

Arrived at the BMW-Motorrad shop we check out their extensive collection of Motorcycle and apparels. One thing for sure, its damn expensive! There were also several rider from Hong Kong doing touring in Malaysia. Eventhough it was MotoGP week end at KL, the Hong Kong rider would not see them, they have other agenda and MotoGP was not one of them!

Tak kemane nCik?… hehehe.. I can go thousand km with this ride, the RT-1200!

The Three Amigos in BMW house… damn that shoes is expensive!

HongKong BMW rider preparing for their ride.. and it was not to Sepang..


BMW-Motorrad naked line.. hmmmm I choose Monster any day.. hehehe



13 thoughts on “Visit to BMW-Motorrad of Malaysia

  1. Hi,

    I look for same BMW Motorcycle Dealer at Malaysia

    I like a inspektion ( servis) of my bike R 1200 GSA

    and I want same Parts buy ?

    please give me same adress and E-mail for contact !



  2. Hi Otto,

    Sorry I can not help you on that.. You surely can google BMW Motorrad of Malaysia for the address and contact..


  3. Hi Bona,

    Perhaps you can help me? I am 2.5 years into my RTW motorcycle journey on a BMW F650. In April 2007 I visited BMW Autobavaria where I dealt with Roshidi Rais (Garry) and Jeffri. They supplied parts and allowed us (there were two of us travelling then) to use theire workshop facilites to work on our bikes before shipping them to New Zealand.
    I am now in Indonesia (Brestagi, Sumatra)and will be riding to Belawan on Friday (03/10) to arrange shipping my bike back to Malaysia (Penang). In Malaysia I again need to order parts and work on my bike prior to visiting the MotoGP and riding on to Singapore from where I will ship my bike to Chile.
    I have tried to email Garry but my emails have been returned undelivered. I have checked the Autobavaria website but they don’t list a motorcycle contact. I have checked the website but they no longer list Malaysia!
    I would be most grateful if you could put me in touch with Garry (if he still works for BMW?) or whoever his replacement is. I appreciate that you may not want to post this information on your blog so I have included my email address for you to reply privately.
    I appreciate any help you can offer in this matter.


    Adam Lewis

  4. Bona

    Hope u dont mind i am sharing my recent experience with auto bavaria glenamrie.

    I got a problem my gs1200 clutch – it tend to slip whenever i hit the throttle. Its a pretty new bike which was purchased in June 2008.

    Auto Bavaria Glenmarie told me that its due to wear and tear. Yeah sure, just because the motorrad manager there was so lazy to do the paperwork (i heard that warranty claim will require a lot of paperwork need to be done first).

    In the first place, aint it suppose to be a rugged bike ? and also why is that only mine and a fren of mine (adventure) bikes having this problem ?

    Even my other fren vulcan clutch lasted for more than 13 years.

    Auto Bavaria – where is your business ethics ? It aint abt the monies (RM4000 to fixed the bike clutch) – this is like daylight robbery ….

    1. Hello Lone Wolf,

      You are not alone in having despairs with Autobavaria Glenmarie Motorrad division. Many including myself have complained on many matters. If you check the BMW malaysia website, i complained there too.

      They are problematic at times but for this clutch matter, i tend to ‘agree’ of the possibility that it is regular wear and tear.

      Many BMW riders ‘boast’ the fact that their clutch is a dry clutch but have no idea the pros and cons of such clutch vs the wet clutch.

      Treat the dry clutch as you would a wet one, you will have the same problem you just experienced.

      Safe Ride mate.

  5. hi,i look for bmw motorcycle dealer in malaysia,
    and I want same Parts buy ?
    please give me same address and E-mail for contact !



  6. hi bro,

    Any info about bmw S1000rr when officially this bike can sale in malaysia?? I’m really interested with this model..
    then also do u know how much the price if they start to sale in malaysia..
    please bro i need the info about this model.
    thank you.


    1. Hi there, sorry bro, got no info about that. I heard that BMW Motorrad Malaysia is arranging a track day with the S1000RR end of February. As to the availability I have no info.

  7. In fact, So i’m liking this brand new model a lot more and much more. Maybe simply because it more than a little is similar to the older classy styles. The down played though exquisite design, the prolonged, low front end. Too bad I won’t be able to buy one for at the very least 10 years…

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