[Track Day] The new R1 and GSXR-1000

Last Sunday track day was bit special, there were two new bikes in our club. The world champion Yamaha YZF-R1 09 and the currently leading the 2010 WSBK champion Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9. The R1 was race ready with Akra full exhaust system + PowerCommander, Brembo brake system, Ohlins TTX shock, etc. The Gixxer, however, had just arrived and my friend was still brake in the engine.


More track activity…

It was pretty busy weeks, track wise. I planned to participate for the next series of Superbike/Supersport National Championship race in our local track, thus the bike need to be ready. Need more track time also to learn about the new track surface as many parts of its apex are heavily patched. Yet the preparation was not according to plan, as I crashed on the slippery S Kecil chicane while testing the bike new gearing, the bike was not heavily damaged though and I hope can be ready for the race.


Track day Video

With the CBR’s clutch replace now some track time. Check out the video above. Need to work on the cam view though, it pointed too low. Anyhow I hope you enjoy the show 🙂

Finaly some track time!

It has been a while since my last track time, my local track was close for resurfacing and continue with Ramadhan month break. After Ied celebration finally I got some track time.. Woohoo..:)

Both the bike and my skill riding on track (if there any) were rusty already! The CBR was failed first time I started it, the battery run out since it had not been run for a while but not too worry the mechanic quickly fix it  and the sound of the inline 4 come to live!


“Cracking Sentul”… END

After S Kecil, the next corner is a series of right and left chicane known locally as S Besar or turn 8 and turn 9. Following that series of turn is another series of turn of 10-11 and 12. Turn 8 to turn 12 is the most enjoyable part of Sentul for me, it is a series of long sweeping turn where you get your knee dragged the most 🙂


“Cracking Sentul”… Part 3

R5 or turn 5.. Can you imagine this slight left hand bend is the most slippery turn in Sentul during wet? And this very turn has several spectacular crashes to prove it. Yup that is R5.

During dry and hot day many take R5 with maximum throttle on 5th before braking hard entering R6/R7 chicane, but do that on wet and you will certainly test Sentul tarmac. Just recently two of my friends did just that, and on the last Kejurnas Superstock race, even the top rider from Petronas team crashes during wet in this turn.