My new Tech 1-R Alpine Star Racing Suit

Check out my new Alpine Star racing suit, the 1 piece Tech 1-R. Its black and what I am so proud of is its size. The size of 50 (EUR). See, just before I started cycling there was no way I can fit in to any ready-made 1 piece racing suit. My previous size was 54 yet the arm and leg section were just too long it was ridiculous to wear. That time I had to make custom racing suit, which was bit larger on the waist hehehe. This post about that racing suit.

My old racing suit also bit old. I made it in 2008 so close to 3 years already. It has protected me from several crash and it is a well made racing suit. Its local so not as expensive as international brand and I can make custom color, tag, etc on it. But to “celebrate” my weight loss I think a branded racing suite is in order, a gift after shedding 11 kg off my weight. 🙂

More picture and story after the link..

Alpine Stars is a very well-known brand in motoracing. Used by several MotoGP stars like Pedrosa, Stoner, Spies, among others. I have used Alpine Stars glove and racing shoes as well so I like the brand. Thus deciding to get the same brand for the racing suit was an easy one. The Tech 1-R is a new model for 2011 and feature wise is one level bellow the top of the line Alpine Star Racing Replica leather used by the MotoGP rider. Based on its spec the Tech 1-R is made by 1.3 mm premium leather, perforated and have the least amount of stitching possible to reduce the chance of seams degradation during crash. It has the same shoulder and knee protector as the Racing Replica. In short it is a top level racing suit.

Wearing them for the first time the leather was bit stiff, I cannot even put my chest protector inside. But once all zipped, the suit is quite comfortable. I can move around easy, and the best part was its look good, well at least I though I did.. 🙂 First time around the track with the suit the feeling was nice. You know that this racing suit will protect you and make you more confident on the bike. Yet, being an amateur where you spent your own  hard earn money to buy your equipments there this feeling where you do not want the suit to ruin if you crash. So you get more cautious and slow, hehehe.

I wore the suit the first time during the Kejurnas Race 4 series where I participated. Turn out my time was bit slow, I could only manage high 1:48 during QTT. Well, being off the motorbike for quite some time did take its toll.  Yet I had no plan to push or to improve my lap time. My goal was just to have fun. And not to ruin my new racing suit. Some action photo bellow,

thanks to fellow blogger Girifumi of for both pictures.

Not bad eh?

As for the race it self, I did not finish. I was way behind and when on the lap 5 or 6 it just started to rain. Other then crashing, water and rain will certainly ruin your brand new leather. I did not take any chances.. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My new Tech 1-R Alpine Star Racing Suit

  1. You should’ve used the new suit at Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) at Sepang last weekend. You would’ve blend it perfectly at the advance class. (btw, why didnt u join us for Asia Ducati Week?).

    I, on the other hand, had to use a 3 year old, 2-piece, road rashed, Gudang Garam sponsored suit that we got for our 1st Ducati one make race. The leather is all stiff (especially the arms), and it barely fit anymore 😦
    I kinda feel embarrassed sitting next to all the Ducati special edition & branded one piece leather all the other riders are wearing. But I didnt pay all that money for DRE to not ride because of my suit 😀
    Wish me luck on losing weight, cause I wont buy new leather unless I can fit into a size 50 like u (or at least a size 52). I currently wear a size 58 *blush*

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