Bali Trip … Part 1

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It’s Indonesia’s Independence Day week end, and fellow Ducatista arrange a short trip to Bali for a day or two of riding in the Island of the Gods.

The trip was planned weeks ahead, with participants from Ducati Owners Club Indonesia and arranged by the good folks at Super Moto, Indonesia local Ducati authorized dealer (ATPM). The final participants are as follows: Nugroho (MTS620), Didi (ST2), Iboy (MTS1000), Oci (Monster 900),  Gunawan (ST4), Bayu (MTS 1000), Octav (ST2), Andree, and yours trully with Monster S4. Chandra also came to Bali, but he was not riding his 999.

The Ducs are all being land transported to Bali, it left Jakarta on Monday (8/14) and arrived on the following Thursday in Bali.  Most of the Ducatista arrive in Bali on Thursday.

I arrived in Bali late at Thursday night. My flight has been changed twice as I spent 4 frickin’ hours in Jakarta’s traffic. Fortunatelly, traveling alone make it easier to transfer flight. Obviously it was a pack flight, considering the long week end and stuff. I spotted fellow HD rider on the flight as well. It will be pack in Bali with Jakarta’s Moge that for sure

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketFriday morning the Ducs were all at the hotel. We stay at Kuta Beach Club Hotel bali, at Kuta beach. It was packed with both local and foreign tourist. Good for Bali!


We left hotel for a first day ride about 10ish in the morning. We planned to go to Kintamani and Mt. Batur. After refuelling at local gas station, we went with our planned.

Once we left Bali’s by pass we arrived at the “country” road. Traffic is minimum, a very enjoyable ride. Bali’s road quality is much-much better compare to Jakarta or Java road quality. The road is smooth, and I hit 150 – 160 kph in some portion of the trip. Not that we rode that fast, but in some area there were simply no trafic, wide open road and with you riding a Ducati. Ride slower you were better off riding with Mio!

There were some very-very enjoyable twisties. Gosh, I wish they were more. Up hill, blind corner, in the midst. Didi with its ST2 was in front of me, and I can see his lean angle is leaner and leaner. He rode bit faster, I’m sure he will need his knee puck.The Ducs was made for such ride, twisty and fast! My ride, Monster S4, was never required more then the 3rd gear.

Onced we get to Mount Batur the guys decided to go to the valey bellow, where a lot of sand digger, for a photo ops. It was dusty and onced we get to the bottom is just like Mordor in the Lord of the Ring. Vulcanic asshes and dust were every where. The ride down was steep and dusty, I was bit concern and my concern was materialized on the way up.


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We took few pics, had a few laugh and prepare to ride up.

I was third, with Iboy infront of me and Nugroho with Mbak Cindy rode after me. The first up hill was steep and dusty. On my way up, there were sand truck on its way down. And I took a wrong path. I got cought in a dusty track, I tried to squeze throttle even more but there was no grip. I hit the brake, yet the bike wont bulge. I tried to keep the bike stand up to no avail. Slowly the bike lean to the left. And it was heavy. I let go the bike and its drop to the left side.

Nugroho was behind me, and he got cought on my predicament. What worse was that he was riding together with Mbak Cindy on the pillion. To my horror, Nugroho’s bike was only 2 – 3 meters from the step hill on the left. He was trying hard controlling his bike with mbak Cindy already jump out the bike but still trying to keep the bike stand up. He finally let go the bike and rolled to the right. The bike rolled down but not much. I tell ya.. it was scarry as hell.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWith 2 bikes down, Nugroho helps me get the bikes up. It was difficult at first. The track was very-very dusty. But after we get to the clear track with no sand and dust, I can control the bike and rode up. Phew… what an experience!

The pic on the right shown the hill where its happen.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWhen we got to the top, we checked the damage on the bikes. Nugroho’s bike got his brake lever shattered. No good.

We got to local bike shop and finally found that we can use the brake level of RX-King as temporary replacement.

From there we ride for lunch..

All that experience make all the Ducatista very-very hungry, and Bebek Bangil awaits…

To Be Continued…

5 thoughts on “Bali Trip … Part 1

  1. Hey, love the blog,

    Getting married in Bali in jan next year and would love to turn up on a Ducati.

    Did you come accross anyone local that might be able to help?? I had to sell my 749 and my Daytona to help pay so turning up on one would be pretty special.



  2. Hi James,

    Congrats on your wedding! 🙂

    I’m not too sure if there is Ducati rent in Bali, even in Jakarta we do not have Ducati rent.

    But if I find one I will certainly post the info in my blog.


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