Chicken strip indicator…

Check out the new Metzeler Sportec M5, it has lean indicator on its rear tyre. The indicator mark your lean angle, “1” pretty much you are up right, and “5” in a lean angle. Some says this is a “Chicken strip” indicator. Chicken strip is a mark in your rear tyre that shows your lean angle, obviously if you have thickΒ  strip (say only till mark no 4 on the above picture) that means you never use the tyre to its max lean angle; and you are a chicken.. hehehe

Seriously, this new sport tyre is a new tyre from Metzeler that according to Metzeler have been optimized and the total area of the tyre footprint at every lean angle have been up to an 8% increase, while improving also its shape and pressure distribution. Basically that means is that you can have more confident in leaning the bike. And you have the above mark as indicator on how lean you go in the corner. Some sort of indicator for “bragging right” if you ask me.. πŸ™‚

Anyhow, just like the scratch in your knee slider, don’t use this indicator to prove how brave you are. For that go to the race track and record your lap time!



11 thoughts on “Chicken strip indicator…

  1. I thought the race tyre is the Sportec M1 version?

    Anyway, I just love this brand. Tried other brands, but since I started using the Roadtec Z6, I was hooked. LOve the traction, love the lifetime. Suits my demanding street riding style well

    1. I think for race is the Metzeler Racetec. I used to use the Racetec slick, is cheaper compare to Pirelli Diablo or Michelin Power One or the Dunlop.

      But now I prefer the new Michelin Power One, and have been using them since the last Kejurnas race.

  2. Another thing… I think Metzeler makes their tyres sorta rounded-donut shape. As the picture above show, the level 5 chicken strip indicator is still about 2 cm from the edge of the tyre.

    From personal experience, I never could get the chicken strip on my Roadtec Z6 all the way to the edge, still leaving about 2cm of ‘untouched’ strip.
    When I was still using Battlax BT-14, I left only about 1/2 cm of strip from the edge, although I feel ‘braver’ when using the Roadtec Z6. Could it be that it’s because of my choice of using high-profile tyres (120/70 front & 170/60 rear)? Previously I used a 120/55 front & 160/50 rear Battlax

    1. Could be, but please DON’T try to get the chicken strip disappear from your tyre at public road, especially when the Mrs is in the pillion! πŸ˜€

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