3 thoughts on “CBR600RR

  1. Hi~
    I am in South Korea is a 2008 cbr600rr riders.
    I do not speak English well.

    Parts of a HRC CBR600RR came here while searching to find information.
    CBR600RR has a lot of information very useful.
    HRC find the information here is very very hard place.

    I have in the past 07-08 HRC ECU and wire harness was purchased in Japan.
    Latest from any Ebay seller HRC ECU with stock bikes, even knew that you can install.

    Stock on the bike to install the HRC ECU & HARNESS What do I need?
    HRC DAMPER? (Electric HESD Will the features do not make it?)
    HRC KILL Switch?

    Photos of the bike looks very nice.
    Once again thanks to good information.

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