CBR600RR HRC Racing Steering Damper. Part 1.

One major issue I had with my track only CBR600RR was that it “head shake” almost every time I accelerate hard exiting a corner. Head shake can causes steering wobble and can put the rider in a very dangerous situation.  This will also lower your lap time as you will be very cautious in applying throttle exiting a corner.

My CBR600RR does come with HESD or Honda Electronic Steering Damper that doing wonder in damping the head shake. Since it is an “electronic” version, the HESD will regulate its damping force depending on the bike speed. Low damping force in low speed and strong damping force in high speed. Thus a very agile bike in lower speed and stability in high speed.

Check out bellow my track day video, you can see the bike wobble when accelerating hard (checkout at 0:57, 1:15, 1:39, etc, almost every time I accelerate hard).

Stock Honda’s HESD will certainly cure my head shake. But since I replaced my stock wiring harness with HRC race wiring harness (see the story here)  there was no way for me the adjust the HESD manually. The HESD still works in my bike, there was still damping force applied but without ability to adjust it manually it almost useless for track bike. I need more damping force to cure the head shake, but the HESD does not provide that. Checkout picture bellow that  shows the stock damper (made by KYB) just above the ECU.

Most after market steering damper (like Ohlins, etc) are not available for the current CBR. Perhaps because the HESD, thus my limited choice was to use the HRC race steering damper. I actually love the Ohlins damper, but installing one in my CBR will need a lot of mod works.


The HRC steering damper is made by KYB, the same manufacture that make the stock HESD thus both look very similar. The main different with the HRC version is that it have adjuster on the upper left of the damper. Differ with other damper, the adjustment is made using a screw driver and have 20 clicks of adjustment from Soft (S) to Hard (H).

To Be Continued..

8 thoughts on “CBR600RR HRC Racing Steering Damper. Part 1.

    1. Nadi and Taufik…

      Hehehe… “Head shake” is not the same with vibrating handle bar or chatter, it more like a wobble of the handle bar when accelerating. Check out bellow link for a severe head shake that caused a crash.

      Scary eh..?

  1. So does the HRC ECU remove all function of the Stock Damper? My race bike can shake like crazy on hard accel and I am always wondering if the damper is working correctly.

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