CBR600RR HRC Racing Steering Damper. Part2.

Installing the Steering Damper was quick work. Once the tank cover removed the stock Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD) is exposed. Less then 15 minutes latter the HRC steering damper already  installed on my CBR600RR.

Bellow is the stock HESD with its electric damper on the bottom. Stock ECU will feed the HESD through that black connector (at the bottom of the HESD as in the picture bellow) through the bike wiring harness. The HESD will then regulate its damping force depending and the speed of the bike. All done automatically and there is no way (as far as I know) to manually adjust the HESD.

Since the HRC Steering Damper is located bellow the tank cover, and every time adjustment need to be done I do not want to remove the tank cover, there need to be a hole on the tank cover so a screw driver can reach the adjuster. See bellow the hole on the tank on top of my lap timer bellow. Every time I need to adjust the damper, I do it from this hole using screw driver. More cumbersome compare to above handle bar damper like some models of the Ohlins but better then no adjustment at all.

Once installed, it was time to test the new damper. My first setting was about 6 click from max Soft, but I found the front end to be too light. Perhaps for riding in a wet track this is suitable, but not for a dry track. I finally settle 10 click from max Soft and found that this setting best suite me.

After several laps I knew that this damper helps a lot. No more head shake exiting a corner, with the front end firmly balanced even when it is very light during a max throttle with 2nd or 3rd gear. I’m very pleased with this damper, the hard parts was to lower my lap time around Sentul!

Also, just to show what Headshake is all bout, do check bellow youtube link showing a severe headshake commonly known as tankslapper as the handle bar slap your tank in a violence way that caused crash. I hope I’ll never experience that kind of situation. 🙂


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