Testing the MotionX-GPS with a ride to Puncak..

Last Monday my self and several Ducatisti friends did a short trip to Puncak, a mountainous area about 90km (55 miles) south of Jakarta. Puncak is very popular destination for weekend trip for people live in Jakarta and its surrounding area. With Puncak’s cool and fresh air Puncak is the only area close enough to get away from a hot and poluted air of Jakarta.

I also would like to test my iPhone based MotionX-GPS during this ride and I use the MotionX-GPS more as a “route recorder” then a “road guide”. So the device will not tell me which way to go, but will record my route info; such as Speed, Elapsed Time, etc during the trip.

It was about 10 of us with various Ducati bike. There were Superbike 996 and 848, several Monster, and off course several Multistrada as well. We initially plan to start around 6 AM and start from Citos, a shopping mall in South Jakarta. Trip to Puncak will always jam pack especially in the weekend thus we plan to start early to avoid that. Unfortunately some of us came late thus we start about 6:45 AM.

Before we start, I used the MotionX Stopwatch to record my trip, or it called “Track” by the software. Once reached the destination MotionX will then shows the information about the trip as shows in bellow pic.

As in the above pic we start around 6:36 AM, with distance about 82.7km (51.3 Mile), elapsed time of 1:55 and average speed of 43.1km/h (26.7 mph). It also shows the road that we took on its map (top pic). As you can see we only manage to do average speed of 43.1km/h thus it took us almost 2 hours to cover about 50 miles. This is normal in Jakarta as Motorcycle is not allow to enter highway or toll road and the public road is almost certainly pack especially road to a popular spot such as Puncak.

Near Puncak the road is getting better as in the above pic, by the way I grab the above pic from Google not my own :). There is twisty road that is very enjoyable but still quite pack with vehicle ranging from scooter to a bus. Also this twisty road near Puncak is only about 5 minutes ride (even less if you quick) from bellow to the top and it took almost 2 hours to get there from Jakarta!

Our destination was a popular restaurant called Puncak Pas and we arrived there around 9AM.  I record the location of this restaurant using a Way Point on the software as in bellow pic. Way Point (Wypt on the software) will record geo position and other info such as Altitude. As you can see below Puncak Pas restaurant is about 1,468m (4,816 ft) above sea level

We also met fellow riders, there were fellow sport rider with R1, R6, CBR1000RR  as well as Harley and Honda Goldwing. Shows that this is a very popular destination for a bike riding. The sport bike group was about to leave the restaurant when we arrived. They were trying to beat the traffic as the traffic will getting much worse by the hour so we grabed a quick brunch and prepare our self to return back to Jakarta.

I did not turn on the GPS return back to Jakarta. The traffic will be bad and I didn’t see any point recording it. As suspected the traffic came down was bad to say the least. Some of us get separated in to several groups and as we getting close to sea level the temperature was simply getting hotter. From Puncak to Jakarta we passed Bogor city and Depok City and we did stop by for a drink and I managed to grab bellow pic on scorching hot Depok City. The temperature was easily about 40C (104F).

Arrived in Jakarta around 12 Noon it was just about time to see the Motegi MotoGP race. As to the MotionX-GPS, I like it sharing feature. Once recorded I can share via email or Facebook the recorded track.

The track can also be seen using Google Map or Google Earth, bellow was the track I took that day.

So far I like the MotionX-GPS, but I do concern about the iPhone battery life. To record a track the iPhone need to be turn ON all the time, and we all know iPhone battery life is short especially with the 3G enabled. For long touring, I do not think MotionX-GPS is the way to go to record your route, off the shelf GPS will do that much better. But MotionX sharing features (facebook) is certainly second to none.


18 thoughts on “Testing the MotionX-GPS with a ride to Puncak..

  1. Hi, here is what I found for power management:

    1. If I use the top button without looking at the screen, then it records and power usage is very low. I turn it on when I need to.

    2. I rigged a simple charger and a mount. I did that on both my bike and my snow-machine. It works like a charm.

    The thing is the MotionX is always connected via my iPhone and always with me. I always forgot my Garmin… With the cigarette lighter adaptor all is well.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the post. That my thinking also, if only I can get USB charger for the bike and a proper mount this will be perfect. And you are right, the best thing with the iPhone based GPS is that is connected with the 3G or 2G network!

    Care to post a link about your mount and charger rig?


    1. Hi. check out RAM-Mount.com for all kinds of holders. I use an iPhone holder on my bicycle. Holds it very well.
      For power, couldn’t you somehow add a 12V outlet to your bike? I know several people who’ve done that…

  3. Great article. Enjoyed all the pics and screenshots… To save power, turn your screen off if you don’t need the visual by pressing the sleep button on top of your iPhone. Your track will still be recorded in the background. You’ll see MAJOR power savings!

  4. Mr taufik,

    To open the track at Google Earth I use MotionX sharing features. Once I hit “share” button (there is pic above showing this), MotionX will email to me *.kmz file that can be opened by Google Earth.

    MotionX also shows link to Google Map as bellow that shows my track bellow, but only till May 25:


    Lastly I can also share the track with Facebook, which basically link to the above google map.

    Pretty easy stuff!

  5. I tried to catch up to puncak that day, but the traffic was really bad. Me & my wife woke up late didnt help either 🙂

    I did manage to reach cisarua before stopping & waiting for the group to come down. I figured I’d never make it to puncak pas before u guys started heading home.
    I met with the first group & rode with them back to jakarta. I thought it was only 5 bikes.
    I didnt stop stay and watch the motogp either cause I had to meet with my family for lunch.

    See u on the next ride…

  6. I have a question about your track. Is there a way to share the track with the waypoint pictures included in the track. I have motionx on my iphone and i don’t understand why the photo waypoints aren’t included or how to get them into the track.
    Can anyone help?

  7. @Christine..

    Hmmm I also would like to know how to do that… Now we can only share them, the wupoint and the track, individually..


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