Ride Report: Bukittinggi – Parapat (Part 2)


A first long ride on this trip. From Bukittinggi (Point A Google map above) West Sumatra to Parapat (Point F), we stop along the way for gas at Pasaman (Point B) near the border of North Sumatra, another refueling near Sipirok (Point C). We had lunch at Sipirok (Point D) and a long break before the final refueling of the day at Tarutung (Point E). Distance of 503KM in total from Bukittinggi to Parapat.

We reached Parapat late in the afternoon around 8 PM and it was raining. I must say this was one hard ride, we had minor accident, some of the worst road condition after Tarutung, the rain and riding in the dark, but did I mention about the food? The best things in this ride was the Minang Melayu food, hmm… so exquisite!



Ride Report: Bukittinggi – Banda Aceh (Part 1) Lambah Harau


Google Maps shows a distance of 1,274 Km from Bukittinggi to Banda Aceh. Ride across the heart of Sumatra Island, to Toba Lake and finally to the great Tsunami stricken area of Banda Aceh, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam. We will split the route in to 4 main stages, ride around Bukittinggi, from Bukittinggi to Parapat. Parapat to Medan and finally Medan to Banda Aceh.

We planned that 4 days should be sufficient to cover such distance and more; with the bike already being shipped to Bukittinggi we start our trip with a short flight from Jakarta to Minangkabau Airport about 80 km south of Bukittinggi.


Bukittinggi – Banda Aceh ride completed…

We finally made it to Banda Aceh after about 1200KM ride from Bukittinggi West Sumatra. Above was me in front of the famous Banda Aceh’s Baiturrahman Mosque just after we arrived in Banda Aceh from Medan. The ride was not without incident, fortunatelly nothing major. From 15 bikes, 13 made it to Banda Aceh. Most of the time the weather was awful to say the least, some of the road condition was the worse I have experienced riding in Indonesia. But there were section where it all worth it, the long (very very long..!) and smooth (very very smooth..!) curvy road near Banda Aceh, the  serenity of Lambah Haraw in West Sumatra, the delicious and distinctive spice in Minang Melayu food from Green Chilly Duck to Ayam Tangkap of Aceh, to the companion of friends enjoying the ride to celebrate our Independence Day!

Stay tune for the trip and photo report!

09 Sumatra tour continues, Bukittinggi to Aceh 1200KM


Saturday, August 8th’2009. We were preparing for another 2009 Sumatra ride, this time will cover more or less 1200KM from West Sumatra to the most up north part of Sumatra, the Province of Aceh. We will start from the city of Bukittinggi, ride north to Lake Toba, the city of Medan and finish in the city of Banda Aceh. 15 motorcycles: 5 Multistrada, 6 Monster, 2 ST, 1 SS and 1 Suzuki GSX-R1000.

This will be my first trip to the up most tip of Sumatra and I am excited about this ride!


Bandung – Lembang offroad riding…


All right!! Lets do some off road stuff for a change. This was something new and I though this should be fun! My self and several friends did a short adventure ride off roading in West Java around the city of Bandung and Lembang. This was my first experience doing truly off road riding and I couldn’t remember when the last time I ride a trail bike. So this have to be fun!

Do check also a video clip of me crashing several time bellow 🙂


The 4 Lakes of West Sumatra Ride 2009 – Part 3 (END)


The last day of the ride was a “leisure” ride around West Sumatra Province, or locally known as Ranah Minang – Minang Land. In this ride we had more riders joining in as well as more pillion passenger joining in Padang the capital city of West Sumatra. They are plenty of route to take in this rides yet the group decided to visit all the 4 lakes in West Sumatra in one day so the trip will take the route from Padang to the Twin Lake, to the Singakarak Lake and Maninjau Lake. We will finish the ride in Bukittinggi city as the end point of our 3 days ride.

Do check also video clip on this day ride bellow.


Ipuh to Padang Ride 2009 – Part 2


After a good meals and a well deserve rest, the second leg of the trip was from Ipuh to Padang. About 350km (217 miles) of riding on Sumatra’s west coast. Considering the length as well as the road condition the group decided to start early, so before the day brake we had already hit the road for the longest section of the trip.

Check out also the video clip of the trip bellow…


South West Sumatra Ride 2009 – Part 1


My first Ride Trip for 2009! My self and several of my Ducati friend took the National Holiday in Indonesia for a 4 days ride trip along Sumatra west coast from Bengkulu City (Point A at the map above) to Bukittinggi City (Point D) at the heart of the island via the coastal cities of Ipuh (Point B) and Padang (Point C). Total of about 800 km, with 9 bikes which were 4 Ducati Multistrada, 3 Ducati ST and 2 Ducati Monster. The trip start with a short flight from Jakarta to Bengkulu.

The group were:

Bona – Ducati Multistrada

Nug and Cindy – Ducati Mutlistrada

iBoy – Ducati Multistrada

Danang – Ducati Multistrada

Iwan and Winda – Ducati ST3

Gun – Ducati ST3

Didi – Ducati ST2

Yudha – Ducati Monster

Jade – Ducati Monster


Testing the MotionX-GPS with a ride to Puncak..

Last Monday my self and several Ducatisti friends did a short trip to Puncak, a mountainous area about 90km (55 miles) south of Jakarta. Puncak is very popular destination for weekend trip for people live in Jakarta and its surrounding area. With Puncak’s cool and fresh air Puncak is the only area close enough to get away from a hot and poluted air of Jakarta.

I also would like to test my iPhone based MotionX-GPS during this ride and I use the MotionX-GPS more as a “route recorder” then a “road guide”. So the device will not tell me which way to go, but will record my route info; such as Speed, Elapsed Time, etc during the trip.