My new Tech 1-R Alpine Star Racing Suit

Check out my new Alpine Star racing suit, the 1 piece Tech 1-R. Its black and what I am so proud of is its size. The size of 50 (EUR). See, just before I started cycling there was no way I can fit in to any ready-made 1 piece racing suit. My previous size was 54 yet the arm and leg section were just too long it was ridiculous to wear. That time I had to make custom racing suit, which was bit larger on the waist hehehe. This post about that racing suit.

My old racing suit also bit old. I made it in 2008 so close to 3 years already. It has protected me from several crash and it is a well made racing suit. Its local so not as expensive as international brand and I can make custom color, tag, etc on it. But to “celebrate” my weight loss I think a branded racing suite is in order, a gift after shedding 11 kg off my weight. 🙂

More picture and story after the link..



[Race Mod] STM Slipper clutch for CBR600RR Part II (End)

Following this post, with the new clutch plate installed finally I think I can really felt how the new slipper clutch really work. Before installing the new clutch plate the “slip” was just too much and it even slip during acceleration. I still getting used to the “slip” action of the clutch but so far I like how the bike felt, especially during downshifting.


[Race Mod] STM Slipper clutch for CBR600RR Part I

Another addition to my CBR600RR mod, the slipper clutch! I have been looking for this parts for quite some times and I just got the opportunity to test and install it on my CBR. The main purpose of installing slipper clutch is to mitigate the effect of engine brake. 4 stroke engine like one in my CBR have strong engine brake and in a racing situation engine brake can make things “complicated”. See, you have your brake and throttle for bike speed control and with an engine brake you put additional parameter that can effect the bike speed. More over, engine brake only effect the rear tire which during hard brake – the bike load transfer to the front – can caused the rear tire to lock and hop. Thus instability while preparing corner entry.


CBR600RR HRC Rear Shock by SHOWA. Part 2.

On the next track day it was time to explore more the new HRC SHOWA shock. All the shock setting was still unchanged, I just want to familiarized my self with the rear end feel first. The Showa is a HRC racing shock so it was designed to be used by rider that more capable then yours truly. I might not have the shock on the limit at all, but I’m certain that the rear end feeling (and overall the bike handling) will be different than with that of stock shock.


CBR600RR HRC Rear Shock by SHOWA. Part 1.

HRC called it CUSHION ASSY, RR with Part No. 52400-MFJ-R11, it commonly known as shock or mono-shock. It was a racing parts by HRC for CBR600RR. The unit is made by SHOWA that supply almost all the suspension for HRC bike up to the MotoGP level. Only just late last year some HRC’s bike starting to use OHLINS, the most well known brand for suspension in MotoGP when Dovisioso started to test and used them in 09’MotoGP race, but before that HRC almost exclusively used suspension made by SHOWA for their MotoGP bike.

Some say since OHLINS no longer own by YAMAHA in 2009 then HRC started to try and use OHLINS for their MotoGP bike, but hey we are not here to talk about OHLINS and HRC, let just installed the SHOWA shock in my CBR!


CBR600RR HRC Racing Steering Damper. Part 1.

One major issue I had with my track only CBR600RR was that it “head shake” almost every time I accelerate hard exiting a corner. Head shake can causes steering wobble and can put the rider in a very dangerous situation.  This will also lower your lap time as you will be very cautious in applying throttle exiting a corner.

My CBR600RR does come with HESD or Honda Electronic Steering Damper that doing wonder in damping the head shake. Since it is an “electronic” version, the HESD will regulate its damping force depending on the bike speed. Low damping force in low speed and strong damping force in high speed. Thus a very agile bike in lower speed and stability in high speed.