SBK National Championship – The final 2009 race…

There you go, the final standing for Indonesia 2009 Superbike National Championship. Yours truly is on the top 10, I was 8th with total of 19 points. Position 8th was not that bad, it was De Angelis in MotoGP 09 or Shane Byrne in World Superbike… 🙂

I guess it was not the points or the standing that made me happy on the last two races, it was the fact that I managed to finish the race! It was a great race weekend, despite that I crashed on the Saturday QTT but all and all it was a very nice ending for the 2009 SBK race session.

We had 2 races on that week end, the Saturday race was the 5th series race that was canceled and the Sunday race for the 6th series. For the Sunday race we have the QTT on the Saturday afternoon.

I felt quite confident before the race, despite the track condition I did manage to clock 1:48 during free practice. It was not my best time but my target for this two last race was to finish, thus I was not pushing that much hoping that I can converse my energy to finish the race. The track condition was also not helping, with new fresh patches in several turn certainly ruin your concentration preparing for a corner, but heck most of the top rider seem not to bother then so was I .. ha.

Saturday race was in the morning, and the weather was nice. Bit breezy yet the track was dry. I think I bit fortunate, points wise, in this morning race. We have 2 rider DNS, so I was pretty sure I will get good points as long as I finish the race. During race I had my battle with Pak Memed, a senior racer riding a Suzuki. I overtook Pak Memed on R3 after following him for several laps. I knew that I brake deeper coming to R3 and that where I overtook him. He overtook me again on R10 but I coming to R3 I get my position back. It was fun fighting with him.

Saturday QTT for the 6th series was in the afternoon. And I was feeling pretty good about my self. The QTT went smooth, I saw on my lap timer that my lap time keep improving lap after lap. Yet near the end of the QTT we had a SS rider blown an engine at R10. I saw another SS rider crash on that turn after that, there were oil spill on that turn and the marshal frantically waving the track is slippery flag to us. I was about to get back to pit when unfortunately I also hit the oil spill and lost the front. Next time I knew I was looking at the sky. Fortunately I was ok and so was the bike. My brake lever was broke but that can be replaced for Sunday race.

Sunday race was the last race on the session, and when I woke up in the morning my right chest was in pain. I suppose the crash I had on Saturday was the cause of it.  I did an OK start and just trying to maintain my speed. The pain I had in my chest was felt more every time I lean to the right, and Sentul have more right turn then left.

For this race I counldn’t keep up with Pak Memed. It was a three bikes fight between Sandy with Yamaha R6, Pak Memed and my self. While Pak Memed and Sandy was fighting for position I keep my distance close with them. Hoping that I can gain advantage if one of them made mistake. But that did not happen, I couldn’t keep up. I did manage to finish the race and that was enough.

On this Sunday race I was also more careful for the faster rider as this final race was the Championship decider for the SuperSport Championship which was the pro championship. I for sure did not want to be in a way for the battle they had between the title contender. The race was won by Hendriansyah and he also took the SS Championship title.

Going forward, I will keep doing track days hopefully keep improving my lap time and have yet to decide if I will participate for the next session.


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