The official 1:49’661 and the Ducati Touring Sentul..

It was a busy Sunday (15th of June). I got Indoprix Superbike Race in the afternoon and Ducati Touring in the morning. I officially recorded under 1:50 during Superbike Indoprix race and I was quite happy with it. Yet, I need to work on my stamina for sure as I did not able to keep the 1:49 time for more than a lap. It was exhausting!

The Ducati Touring was also so much fun, it was a “Wet Race” and all the guys were enjoying them self. I was lent a Ducati Monster S4 for this race, er, I mean tour .. 🙂

From the above lap time, the first 2 or 3 laps was a “hectic” laps. Since everybody still close to each other. Lap 5 I manage to hit 1:49 yet after that fell back again to the 50’ish. Need to work on my stamina for sure. More practice and more track time!

For sure I need more work at R2, entering S Kecil and S Besar. Genthur from the above over took me entering S Besar twice! I bet an improved lap time if I can do much better at those corner.

For R2 I was not able to pin the throtlle down during the race. Perhaps since the track still dump after the rain the mind was unable to cooperate with the hands.. 🙂 R2 you need to take it pin down all the way kerb to kerb.

During practice (on a clear and hot day) I did manage 170kph on R2 exit. That with the throttle pin down all the way. That was when I recorded the unofficial 1:48..

The Ducati Touring Bike @ Sentul

Now this is fun. And to add to the drama, it was rain! It was an event that Ducati comunity in Indonesia try to do at least once a year. The main purpose was basically to try to ride at a proper circuit for Ducati owner and comunity in Indonesia. Some new faces participating and everybody was in the podium! I bet everyone have a good time.

I was lent a Monster S4 for this event. Like any other Ducati it is a torque monster so better carefull with opening the gas.

The lap time was way over 2 minutes due to the rain. With DDOCI Presidente took first place (2:16). Too bad it was rain, so all the rider did not ride aggressively. I bet it will way different if the track is dry… heheheh. Still we have Danang crash in S Kecil, fortunately he was OK.

Above the rider of the Ducati Touring Bike..



6 thoughts on “The official 1:49’661 and the Ducati Touring Sentul..

  1. wakakakak…. the best was 2:16???
    I didnt think it would be THAT bad. I thought mr.diti, going as fast as he did, would time around 2:00-2:05…. 🙂

  2. @Eko…

    It was rain and “wet race”.. hehehe I bet if its dry the time will be much better. Anyhow the QTT also none is under 2 minutes rigth?

  3. hehehe, mau liat foto2 nya pada nikung di S kecil? wah, ini nikung atau jalan lurus sih? mungkin lean angle 85, hehehe, 85 dari 90 kalau di staright, alias cuma 5 derajat…

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