Which Ducati…. Part 2

Continuing on my experience with Ducati’s bike…

Monster S4

My second ride was a Monster. And not just a Monster. This is the superbike engine Monster. 2 cyl Desmo DOHC 916cc, the same engine that was used in the legendary Ducati 916. Toping 100 hp, and 9.3 kgm of tourque. It has Termignoni exhaust, giving that low grunt rumble that unmistakebly different with that of V twin Harley. Sweet!!

Dimension wise this monster should be similar with my soon to be S2R. Both have 80 cm seat heigth, yet S4 has more agressive siting position compare to S2R. But should provide me with a similair riding posture. Well that is where the similarity end.

The S4 engine is monstrous! Carefull with those throtlle, you squeze them too much it will bite. Once you squeze that throtle you just hang on and experience the rush of adrenaline from head to toe…. and you will crave for more.

I got S4 lent for another round of track day with the Ducatista. The folks at Super Moto organized another round of track day at Sentul Circuit. I took the S4 from the automall the day before. And rode it from Automall back to home. It was Saturday eveining and the traffic was pretty bumper to bumper. Thanks God I got the S4 and not the MTS 620. Otherwise it will be hell manouvering this traffic with that 83+ cm seat height.

The D-Day we gathered at Citos and rode together to Sentul. Riding a Ducati in the Sunday morning traffic is very enjoyble. You still has to focus though since the Ducatista here hate ride slowly. We hit 110 – 120 kph in some road. The S4 effortlessly pull me with ease. Very-very enjoyable. I think I never passed 3rd gear with the S4.  Once we got there at Sentul, we had b’fast and hit the track. Wearing the wearpack and helmet I got ready to take the S4 to the track.

Yet, apparently there was some problem with the S4. It wont start!! Ahh… just when we about to start go to the track!

To be continued…


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