Sentul Track Day – October 2007

All right! Nothing compares with the rush of riding your red Ducati superbike entering a righthander R1 corner after you just blasted on the home straight at 220kph+. The power under your crouch, the wind resistance, the Brembo braking power and the sound of L twin with Termignoni under seat silencer are simply awesome!

That is exactly why you buy a Ducati. And to enjoy it properly and safely there is no other way than to do it on the circuit during a track day.

Track day is always be the day I look forward to. Is the only way for you to really felt the power of Desmo engine and being humbled at the same time.  This track day was only my self and a friend, Nugroho. But we met follew rider, or should I say racer, at Sentul practicing and helping us. They were practicing for the upcoming SuperSport race at Sentul.

Though our bikes were not “race ready” (still got turn signal, rear mirror, etc attached) we wore full race gear such us wearpack, racing glove, boot, etc. Before entering the track we check the tyre, brake, and make sure all were OK.


Riding in proper circuit is different from the road. You can accelerate hard, corner hard and brake hard and no need to worry about the upcoming traffic, pedestrian or “ojek” crossing your path.

I tried to have my knee down on several tight corner, but no avail. I think I need more speed to enter the corner as such as that my lean angle will increase. But that need guts.. that I still lack.. haha

We got advice from senior rider, Pak Hengki. Above picture shows Pak Hengky showing us the proper race line and brake point. But catching him was tough.

We also got some tips and trick as well as race technique from SuportSport racer bro Dyan. It was a very informative discussion about racing technique and skills.

Finally some foto ops with the bike!

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