National SuperSport and SuperBike Championship – Part 1

All right, this is a big one! I participate in Indonesia National SuperBike and SuperSport Championship at Sentul Circuit… Well, sort of. Ducatisti were offered to participate in the National Championship in the spirit of improving the series participation as well as to try out for the planned Ducati One Make Race series in 2008. So several Ducatisti answer the call (eight of us, even-though not all ride Ducati) and race in the same starting grid with the National SuperSport racer such as Dyan, Jayadie, Yustinus, Mateo, Abiel, Arie and other. This shall be an awesome experience!

The preparation was bit rush since our participation only confirmed a day before Friday Free Practice session, so everything must move fast. I originally planned to ride with the 996, but since the 996 still at the shop I shall ride my S2R for the first race. And if the 996 ready for the second race I shall ride the 996.

Friday morning, I joint Didi which has prepared the bike for transportation to Sentul. We need to make sure that our participation were OK. Before I also prepare for my gear, wearpack, helmet, etc all checked.

Morning session was to warming up. Since the timing was tight I got no time to remove the head light, turn light, brake light but did remove mirror. My last track day was with the 996, so need bit adjustment to ride the S2R.

To my surprise the S2R was no slouch, not as aggressive as superbike but after rode it the first time at Sentul I must say the bike is well balanced.

For the second free practice the mechanic team manage to remove head light, brake lights and turn signal for the race. Now the S2R look much more mean.. look at that…true street fighter look…

I think I did much better at the second free practice, but with no official lap time you can’t really tell.

At the second free practice we also join by bro Steven and bro Setiawan. Steven with 916 and Setiawan with R6.

But, no luck for Steven as his 916 breakdown. While Setiawan still struggling with his R6 since it was quite brand new. They shall do better on the QTT for sure.

Let see the QTT this Saturday and will report back soon…

Some more pictures:

Racing tips from bro Dyan

Bro Amos setting up his S4Rs

Hmmm round one or pointy one.. hehehe.. two sexy rear end..


7 thoughts on “National SuperSport and SuperBike Championship – Part 1

  1. Good Luck Bro… 😀
    I have heard that some guyz from Vendetta will ride in Sentul.. so the plan to go to Bandung was cancelled…

    Could you tell me a little bit of Steven’s Condition and His Bikez.. Last time i have heard from him, that he will sell his bikez… 😀

    So Pleaz.. keep on safety… and be carefull don’t push to hard.. 😀

  2. Thanks Bro Tri.. 🙂

    Steven 916 has some parts broken, don’t remember which part though. Yes, he also told me he going to sell the 916… hmmm perhaps it should be your first Duc.. hehehe..

  3. about Ducati 916 owned by steven, it his 916 has a “belly button come out” or with a full paper work. Btw how much he want to sell his bike?

    actually iam looking for another ducati either monster m600 or superbike with “belly button come out” so i gues the price is gonna be cheaper. since i only plan to ride in kemang area or in circuit, not for daily or touring uses.

    how much the price for either m600 or 916 with (belly button come out) i dont want to put my M600 or maybe … insyallah my SS big risk when i ride the bike in hi-speed or in circuit.

    *belly button come out = maksud nye bodong rek :mrgreen:

  4. @retorika..

    Don’t know for sure. I did not ask him about the price.

    The demand for Ducati w/ belly button come out is high nowadays.. in anticipation for next year Ducati one make race. .. xixixi :mrgreen:

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