National SuperSport and SuperBike Championship – Part 2 QTT

Second day, QTT. We have two race with two QTT. Race 4 and Race 5. Race 4 will be in the morning and Race 5 in the afternoon. With various reason several Ducatisti cancelled their participation, and in the morning QTT only five of us hitting the track. Albeit not all ride Ducati.

As expected, my 996 was not ready. Thus I will ride my S2R instead, the least powerful bike on the grid. Heck, I got no problem with that, being the least powerful bike meaning you have the most valid reason why you were in the back of the grid.

At 9 AM sharp the QTT started. I guess I ride smoothly, not pushing too much. It was obvious the S2R really lack of power compare to the rest of the bike, I just tried to make sure I have a proper race line and try to push my braking point further and further. The result was OK, my best lap time was 2:06.243. Much better compare to the Fun Race (

Above the lap time results, notice I’m still listed with the 996. Bro Steven was also mistakenly put on lap time eventhough he was not qualifying.

The best lap time from Ducati was from Dana (Ducati 748) follows by Amos (Monster S4Rs) and Eko (ST2). Eko was the most impressive rider with much improve lap time and the first “KNEE DOWN”! Congrats to Eko.

For the actual race, the pole position for race 4 is Matteo. He was clocking 1:37.451. Man.. I was overlapped by this guy so fast you don’t know who pass you. Hats off to him.

Matteo is the one with Yamaha wear pack.

Second QTT for race 5 is “wet”. It was rain, and most of us reluctant to QTT. Some of us (Didi, Bona and Amos) did try to QTT but only after lap 3 we went back to the pit. There was no grip.

That end the second day QTT.. hmm let see how the race goes tomorrow.

More pics:

Rider briefing.

Bro Eko, proudly showing off his knee slider.


5 thoughts on “National SuperSport and SuperBike Championship – Part 2 QTT

  1. Is that Matteo the commentator for motogp on TV7?
    He could beat Ahmad Jayadi?
    Can’t wait for the race results, hope there won’t be any crashes.., good luck!

  2. Yup.. the MotoGP commentatro from TV7.

    Hoping to have a safe race also! Opps.,.. not race.. a touring in a circuit.. ha!

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