“Cracking Sentul”… Part 3

R5 or turn 5.. Can you imagine this slight left hand bend is the most slippery turn in Sentul during wet? And this very turn has several spectacular crashes to prove it. Yup that is R5.

During dry and hot day many take R5 with maximum throttle on 5th before braking hard entering R6/R7 chicane, but do that on wet and you will certainly test Sentul tarmac. Just recently two of my friends did just that, and on the last Kejurnas Superstock race, even the top rider from Petronas team crashes during wet in this turn.

Pic above is your truly entering R5 in dry day. Tuck in, 5th gear max throttle. You did not even let your knee out. As in the pic bellow R5 is almost straight. It has now additional cement patch and it bit dump due to underground spring leaked to the tarmac.  Doing track day in the morning R5 more then often is still bit dump. R5 apex also bit bumpy thus most of rider take it bit wide before dive left preparing to enter R6/R7 chicane.

The R6/R7 chicane following R5  is the most slowest part in Sentul Circuit. Locally known as “S Kecil” or small S, as the chicane resembles the letter “S” backward. Entering S Kecil also one of the most favorite place to overtake; you simply late brake your opponent entering the chicane.

Entering S Kecil I brake when the 200m sign disappear from my sight. During brake I also downshifted from 5th to 3rd and keep brake hard. I downshift one more to 2nd and after the marshall’s post on the left (as pic above) I’ll lean my bike right as quick as I can. You certainly need to hit the entry apex to make sure you can have good space preparing for the exit.

Coming to R7, or S Kecil exit, requires a bit power to flick the bike from max lean to the right in to max lean to the left. The faster you entering S Kecil thus the faster you need to flick the bike to exit. Checkout bellow pics from my last track day.You can see that right after entering S Kecil you need to flick to exit.

You also need to maintain throttle all the way to S Kecil exit, or you will lost precious time or place as exiting S Kecil also a favorite overtaking spot. Checkout bellow traffic coming out of S Kecil, nice eh.


Track day pics from http://agustusnugroho.wordpress.com

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