Sepang 2007 MotoGP Trip … Part 1

My self and several friends from DDOCI were at Sepang Circuit for the MotoGP race. Being the closest circuit from Indonesia, Sepang is the circuit of choice for sport bike enthusiast to actually see, hear, and felt the MotoGP race. We departed from Jakarta Friday October 19th and return back on Monday the 22nd. The schedule were quite tight, we had dinner with Ducati MotoGP Team, meet fellow Ducatista from Malaysia and with fellow rider from SAM (Superbike Association of Malaysia) and last but not least to BMW Motorrad of Malaysia.

One of the main agenda was to meet with the Ducati MotoGP team. This was arranged by Ducati of Malaysia (Naza) and from Ducati Desmo Owner Club from Malaysia. Fellow DDOC from Singapore were also invited and attended. The event with the Ducati MotoGP team was held at Pan Pacific hotel at Sepang Circuit. This was actually unplaned event for us from DDOCI, but fortunately we got access and invited after Nugroho contacted Naza of Malaysia and with helps of Nugroho’s friends we manage to be with the MotoGP riders.

Loris Capirossi, Livio Suppo (Team Manager) and Cassey Stoner attended the function. Livio provided us with some background and little bit of information about current MotoGP team and future 2008 Ducati MotoGP team. One thing for sure, Ducati has full confidence entering the 2008 session. Too bad Capirex has to go and replaced by Melandri, but we say thank and good bye to Capirex and wish him well in the future.

During the function we also got photo ops and signature from the team. I managed to buy seat cowl for my 996 at Naza earlier and brought it to the function. Cassey signed it during the function. Awesome!

PanPacific Hotel at Sepang was the official hotel for the MotoGP team. We met several rider as well as legends there. I manage to meet with Capirossi and take picture with him. Very nice guy, but bit short…hehehe

That conclude the first day at Sepang… will continue my report soon..


11 thoughts on “Sepang 2007 MotoGP Trip … Part 1

  1. With that new seat cowl, your Duc 996 will be a vintage collector’s item in a few years….
    Any pics with Adriana? hehehehe……

  2. Pak Bona, Salam kenal dulu pak,

    I’m obviously a Ducati & Casey’s fan.
    What an experience Imust say, That’s must be very exciting to had a chance to meet and mingle with a world champion!

    But he’s just a Kid isn’t he? Such a talent. Congrats on that autograph, You’ve just a had a legitimate bragging item.. hehe..

  3. Pak Nugroho, salam kenal lagi pak,

    Suatu waktu kalo saya mau beli ducati saya nyari bapak boleh pak?
    Tapi kalo mampunya cuma yang second (surat komplit) bisa masuk ddoci ga pak?
    Di Automall jual yg second nggak sih? (kuper jarang keluar nih) Pak Nug punya blog ngga pak?

  4. Hi Stoner27…

    Salam kenal juga, and yes.. as Rossi used to say.. It’s Exciting!! xixixi..

    Also, bro Nugroho hang around in HTML often you may catch him there.. 🙂



    swear god, 100% iam gonna go with you guys next year to sepang as long as i can meet stoner or melandri, coz in philip island i only meet anthony west…..

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