SpeedCar and GP2 @ Sentul Circuit day2

Day 2, Final Day, for GP2 and SpeedCar. It was raining during GP2 race, and the rain stop just about SpeedCar race about to start.

GP2 race was intense, it was raining, the track was slippery and the car skid and slide all over the place. Some of the pics..

The car no. 20 slide in the entry of S Kecil. The engine stop and he stuck there for quite a while, while the other racer trying to avoid a collusion with him. One of the most intense moment during race.

The GP2 clocking 1:twenty ish, and that during a wet track. Very-very quick!!

SpeedCar race was not as intense as Saturday race. Ananda Mikola lead at the beginning of the race, but he was overtook twice and ended up 3rd. Nonetheless it was quite an accomplishment.

Ananda car no. 18, Jean Alesi (27) was still far behind in the beginning of the race.

Yours truly with SpeedCar…. Yet 2 wheels still rules!!!


6 thoughts on “SpeedCar and GP2 @ Sentul Circuit day2

  1. I was gonna stop by, seeing I had to go to Rainbow Hills anyway that day.
    But the constant rain on the way there made me decide otherwise. It was too much of a hassle to take off our rain gear,

    I did wanna stop by again on the way back. But the packed parking lot preventyed me again from stopping by. It was already 330, so I figured it’ll be over soon anyway.

    But I understand bro Rdee went there. He wanted to show his son, Kimi, racing cars. Hoping he’ll be the father of the next generation Raikonen. hehehe

  2. Yes, it was misserable weather yesterday. And the race was”spoiled” by Safety Car coming to the track most of the times.

    The SpeedCar also not as instense as Saturday race.. nonetheless thumbs up for Ananda for podium finish..

  3. I had a Paddock Parking sticker but I forgot to bring it on D-day!!! DARN IT!!! If I had it with me, we (my family & my brother) could’ve watched the whole race from the pit/paddock area (I guess), hehehehe….
    Thus, we watched the race from the grandstand, which was not enjoyable. Anyhow, my 15 months old son, Kimi, loved the spectacle of seeing & hearing actual racing cars (with ear plugs of course, thanks for the tip, Eko). He clapped, smiled, and sometimes screamed like the sound of the cars, everytime the cars whizzed by on the pit straight.
    My wife loves seeing car racing live at the circuit too.
    However, should there be another racing agenda at Sentul, I want to get close to the cars/bikes at the pit/paddock area. The grandstands were filthy but I can’t complain much since I got free tickets, hehehe…
    BTW, on the formation lap of the GP2 race 2, one of the drivers had an embarassing moment in front of the grandstand. He was warming up his tyres by weaving his car on the soaking wet pit straight but then he fishtailed and went sideways onto the pit wall. Luckily, he only kissed the pit wall and faced backwards. Eventually, he was able to rejoin the race.

  4. You won’t miss much bro r’dee.. Actually at Sentul circuit it’s grand stand is one of the best spot to see the race, but yes it dirty!

    Next big event should be the WSBK… planned to be held in November.

  5. After seeing the Speedcar, it’s no brainer why many petrolheads love the big bore V-8 engine. The sound of the V-8 is distinct and lovely to my ears. Unlike the high revving GP2 cars, which booms and crackle like a jet engine on the RPM over-runs, the big bore V-8s just grunted. So lovely to hear them screaming down the pit straight and then grunt down during braking and downshifting (I think 2 gears down). You could tell by the longer downshifting over-runs interval from the engine sound that the Speedcars are raw machines, using manual shift and clutch, then the drivers swung the cars through Turn 1 either into lurid understeer plus heaps of brake lock or used the enormous torque of the V-8 to get the rear sideways a bit into a nice drift for a clean exit.
    Whilst the GP2 cars were frenetic when approaching Turn 1, braked much later (maybe at 150 m, just before the 100 m sign), quickly downshifting and settle the suspension to enter Turn 1. I didn’t see any of the GP2 drivers locking up brakes or drifting (maybe because it was too wet to do so).
    Well, that was just a simplified analysis from a bystander point of view.

  6. Yup. Totally 2 different kind of race, GP2 and SpeedCar.

    Personally I prefer GP2. It is more precission race compare to the more brutal SpeedCar. GP2 lap time is much faster then A1 GP.

    But yes, SpeedCar evertyhing is manual. The chassis is more rigid, you can see during hard corner the wheels are lift off!!

    Both are enjoyable none the less… 🙂

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