Track Day

I must say I am addicted to ride in circuit. Some say I fall in the category of “track day junkies”. Well, I simply can not help it, the “rush” of riding this fine machinery as hard as you can in a control environment is really enjoyable for me.

I started to do track day since 2007, with my new hobby of sport motorcycle. Got my self a Ducati 996 just for track day, the story is in this link. Being hooked by the experience and found out that the term “Superbike” means the bike not only cool looking but also super fast and powerful I step back a bit and learn track day using smaller bike in this link.

I finally sold the Duc and bought track only bike, the 2008 CBR600RR in this link. Off course some modification follows as in this link. If you want to know what I’ve done with the CBR follow this link.

For sure there were crashes, plenty on the smaller bike (this link) yet fewer on the Superbike (in this link) and Supersport (in this link). I do hope no more crashes in the future, but crash is inevitable and if I do crash hopefully nothing major! Both to my body and to my wallet!! 🙂

Track day is also the place for me to learn new technique, like reverse shift pattern in this link, downshift in this link or kneedown in this link to pivot steering in this link. Also about my routine before hitting the track as I share in this link.

Some cool video during track day in this link, or when I chased and being followed by friend this link. Also some cool pics of me (sorry for being bit narcissistic.. hehehe) in this link.

I hope you enjoy reading my track day experience as I enjoy riding in circuit, do follow bellow link for more…


14 thoughts on “Track Day

  1. I do begin to love the track despite my old motorcycle hobby..that is long distance Riding a.k.a Touring

    glad to have a friend to share hobbies like you …although we never meet each other

  2. If not mistaken track day in Sentul is Rp 300 thousand for big bike, and Rp 100 thousand for small cc bike. Weekday also cheaper but I can not remmember how much.

  3. i have a 05 cbr 600rr and planing to send parts by parts from california before i move to indo…i was wondering what it takes to send parts (engine, subframe, frontin,etc)…apa ada biaya bea cukainya amaperiksa surat?
    btw i’m planing just to use it for tractday and race purposes…again thanks for the info…

  4. @Ian,

    Not too sure if you can do that nowadays. Even if you can, it will cost you a lot since in Indonesia you can not import second hand/used vehicle any more. And if you brake it a part, the duty and tax cost will not be cheap.

    But I no expert in this thing… do take it with a grain of salt.. 🙂

  5. Yup, the tax is high in Indonesia. That is the price for bike with proper registration so you can ride it anywhre in Indonesia.

    Bike with out registration will cost you much less (about half of its registered price) but it is ilegal to ride them in normal street.

  6. i know u got all the money out there…but i would probably just track my bike so i can get away with sky high taxes and registration. Btw how much did you ended up paying for your bike, if you don’t mind me asking…and thank for all your info…rock on bro

  7. My track bike is not to be ridden in normal street.

    Very few online information available about bike sell in Indonesia thus sometime the price listed there is on the upside, it much easier if you visited local club and find about the price your self.

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