Trip Report

2009 West Sumatra Aceh Tour

My trip during 2009 Indonesia Independence Day to Banda Aceh.

Day 1

Day 2


2009 Bengkulu West Sumatra Tour


My Sumatra island tour in 2009, follow bellow link for story..

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

2008 Spain Tour

My tour in Spain early in 2008, follow bellow link for story..

Spain Tour 2008
Hola from Spain
Tour completed
Day 1 Report
Day 2 Report
Day 3 Report
Day 4 Report
Day 5 Report
Day 6 Report
Day 7 Report – END

2007 Sepang MotoGP Trip

Not actually a ride trip, but it was a very fun trip nevertheless!

Sepang MotoGP Trip Part 1

Sepang MotoGP Trip Part 2

Sepang MotoGP Trip Part 3

Sepang MotoGP Trip Part 4

2007 BALI Trip

A short week end trip in Bali during Indonesia independence day in 2007, bellow the story..

Bali Trip Part 1
Bali Trip Part 2
Bali Trip Part 3