Race Report

I love road racing! Don’t get me wrong I’m not “adrenalin junkies” or “thrill seeker” that living life by the edge. Nope. Got more better things to do then that. Further more adrenaline got nothing to do with it. As a matter of fact too much adrenaline will make it harder to concentrate and relax. Trust me, your best lap time is achieved when you are relax, not tense preparing for corner entry.

Yes, for sure there were intense moments, waiting for the red light went off to start the race, or when you just slide the rear tyre pushing hard exiting a chichane. But most of all, I just enjoy controlling this fine machinery with precision. When to brake, when to flip, and of course to open the throttle. When you late brake your opponent and took him entering a corner and when your knee draged on the pavement and when you cut your fastest lap time for a second. That I enjoy the most. See my road race story bellow…

2010 National Superbike Series

Kejurnas Race 2010 Seri 1

2009 National Superbike/Supersport Series

Kejurnas Race 2009 Seri 1

Kejurnas Race 2009 Seri 5

Kejurnas Race 2009 Seri 6

2008 National Superbike/Supersport Series

Kejurnas Race 2008 Seri 1

Kejurnas Race 2008 Seri 2

Kejurnas Race 2008 Seri 3

Kejurnas Race 2008 Seri 4

Kejurnas Race 2008 Seri 5

Kejurnas Race 2008 Seri 6

2008 Indoprix Superbike/Supersport Series

Indoprix Race Seri 1

Indoprix Race Seri 2

2007 National Superbike/Supersport Series

Kejurnas Race 2007 Seri 6

Kejurnas Race 2007 Seri 5

Ducati 2007 Fun Race

2007 Fun Race