BaliAudax… My first cycling tour

My first cycling tour! I’m off to paradise island for an event called BaliAudax, an “Advance Cycling Challenge” take place on the island of Bali. We will ride 410Km in 2 days from Kuta to Lovina in day 1 and back again to Kuta in the second day as the map shown above.

I’ve done bike (as not  to confuse with bicycle) tour in Bali back in 2007 (story in this link), with my fellow Ducatisti we rode in Bali during Indonesia independence day holiday. That time we took north path to the Batur Mountain and explore the central part of Bali, this time with bicycle I’ll took Bali’s coastal road in a clock wise direction.



My new Tech 1-R Alpine Star Racing Suit

Check out my new Alpine Star racing suit, the 1 piece Tech 1-R. Its black and what I am so proud of is its size. The size of 50 (EUR). See, just before I started cycling there was no way I can fit in to any ready-made 1 piece racing suit. My previous size was 54 yet the arm and leg section were just too long it was ridiculous to wear. That time I had to make custom racing suit, which was bit larger on the waist hehehe. This post about that racing suit.

My old racing suit also bit old. I made it in 2008 so close to 3 years already. It has protected me from several crash and it is a well made racing suit. Its local so not as expensive as international brand and I can make custom color, tag, etc on it. But to “celebrate” my weight loss I think a branded racing suite is in order, a gift after shedding 11 kg off my weight. 🙂

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The growing family… Speed Weaponry

I kept my head down and from the corner of my eye I could see two shadows in the tarmac, close and trailing my rear wheel. I kept pushing pass the right hand first Turn 1. The wind  was strong and together with my labour breath were the only thing that I could hear. Still leading pass Turn 2. Both turns are descending so the speed was quick.  Behind me the two shadows were still close. Finally I couldn’t push anymore, the Garmin GPS and heart rate monitor went nuts, my heart rate (HR) was hitting 183 a bit above my Max HR of 180. Fortunately the two shadows behind me were also getting slower so they did not pass me. When I check the top speed from the Garmin unit it was 50.1 Kph.

That story above was not from the last Kejurnas Race, but from cycling around Sentul Circuit. My friends and I from our local race club are now start doing cycling seriously. So before hitting the track with a Superbike (with engine) we did 3 to 4 laps of warm up with a road bike (no engine). We also did cycling only workout on road or off-road at other location, like Foresta BSD, or  to Telaga Warna puncak for off-road and MTB-ing.

As for me I finally getting my self a road bike. A fast road bike. Trek Madone 6. With SRAM Red gear set and Zipp 404 tubular wheel set. Its 6.4 kg. So it’s not comply with UCI weight regulation (which is 15 lbs or 6.8 kg), but heck I’m not participating on any UCI sanction race for the forseeable future so for me the lighter the better 🙂

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[Photography] Concert photo… Simply Red Farewell Tour

Taking concert photo is always a challenge. The stage environment and stage lighting have wide dynamic range from pitch black to extreme bright coming from thousand of watts spot light. Different with say capturing a sunset scene, stage environment also change quickly and dramatically, thus  you need to react quickly to capture the moment.

Also about logistic, for an amateur photographer as my self I do not have a stage pass, or a pers pass, where you can go close to a stage to capture the scene so I just have to maximize where I’m at at the concert. No way I’m bringing the big and heavy tele or zoom lens to a concert, enjoying the music is still the main reason for me to go to a music concert. But if I manage to get decent picture with the equipment that I carry from the location where I at, I’m happy 🙂

EXIF data for the above picture, Exposure 1/125 sec at f/1.4. ISO 100. Canon EOS 7d. Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens.

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[Photography] Slow shutter speed at Cisarua

Grab the above pic at Cisarua, shooting water flow with slow shutter speed always bring dramatic effect. I was riding my folding bike so I did not bring my tripod. I used my camel bag as sandbag to put my camera on top. Not too bad, considering 🙂

From EXIF data, exsposure 0.6 sec at f/36. ISO 100, EF-S15-85mm, Canon EOS-7D.


The growing family… Folding fun!!!

The fun and joy of a folding bike! They simple, fun to ride and this time is for me and the missus. She rides the apple red Tikit Hyperfold and me the green New World Tourist. Both from Bike Friday (BF), a company based in Oregon that hand made all their bikes. Bike Friday’s bike look simple and obviously small, but as their motto said is “Perfomance that Packs”. It even made to the Guinness Book of World Record for the most traveled man in history by bicycle. It ridden by a gentlemen by the name of Heinz Stucke, this link for more about his trip. Impressive eh?

Well for sure I do not intend to start planning for a ride around the world with my BF, hehe, but BF easy and relax ergonomics  make you want to ride for hours and hours and without you knowing it you have ridden for dozens km already.

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