“Cracking” Sentul Circuit… Part 2

Next is the infamous turn 3 or R3.  Infamous I say since this is one turn where several bad accident happen in Sentul. Both for two wheels and four wheels. A friend of mine badly injured when he crashed with Ducati Superbike in this very turn. I also had tasted the R3 asphalt when I highsided entering R3 early in 2008.

Just before entering R3 is the second longest straight in Sentul. So  the speed coming to R3 is about as fast as the speed coming to R1, but not like R1, right after R3 the dreaded -cement patch- and tight R4 awaits…


One fine Saturday….

Track video, camera facing forward was in my CBR, then we switched the camera facing to the back at Dyan’s bike. Two of my friend were using titanium knee slider and there were spark…!! Unfortunately when I uploaded to YouTube the video quality is bit low so the spark was not so obvious..

We were not targeting any lap time, just to have fun riding and trying to look good on the camera… It was a blast!!

Go to my friend’s blog for pics http://agustusnugroho.wordpress.com/2009/01/11/2009-january-another-saturday-on-track/

“Cracking” Sentul Circuit… Part 1

12 intimidating turn, 900m+ of long home-straight, cement patches, mix asphalt, but pure 100% rush! That is Sentul Circuit. Lap time for GP500cc around 1:23, WSBK 1:26 back in the 90’s. Current FIM Asian race clocking 1:32 and National SBK/SS in in 1:34. Yours trully in 1:47 with my CBR600RR .. ha!

Let see how I approach Sentul’s track, and as in the lap time above I am no racer and I am not planning to be one, so do read the following with that in mind.


“Pivot Steering” and two new books…

Just got two new motorcycle books during the Hari Raya holiday. “A Twist of The Wrist II” by Keith Code and “Sportbike Suspension Tuning” by Andrew Trevitt. I almost completed the TOTW II and let me say it was another eye opening just like the TOTW I. In TOTW II Keith Code shares the technique of “Pivot Steering”, I will share this more in this post, which by the way was totally the opposite of what I usually applied when I ride my bike.

“Sportbike Suspension Tuning” will definitely need another post, as I’m eager to learn anything about suspension and its tuning, so stay tune..


Sentul lap video..

Checkout my video during the last track day. I was following Didi on his R6 at this video. The lap time was about 1:52 – 1:53, so not race pace for sure. I do learn a lot from the video, like at R2 in the beginning of this video, there was still a lot of space to apply throttle earlier and a bit more…

Next video is Didi’s video on R6 following my self bellow..


Long time no gaz…

Almost three weeks! I have been itching to ride my bike since the last race at Indoprix. Sentul Circuit was under repair and just open yesterday (June 1st). I was eager to get back on my bike and after checking and moving other “less” important schedule (hehehe) I managed to squeeze in a track day this Wednesday.

My take on the new repaired track…


Overtaking 101…

*Pics courtesy of agustusnugroho.wordpress.com

Well, for me overtaking is the most intense moment during race. Certainly not just any overtaking but overtaking other rider that have almost identical lap time, or better, with you. Overtaking in this post is overtaking some one that have almost identical braking point and turning point, and with the same speed entering a corner with almost identical racing line. Now that an intense overtaking for sure.

Yet, when you successfully overtake that kind of rider you will have wide grin in your face for about a week. It simply that gratifying 🙂


Kneedown pics…

Not much to blog for the past days/week. The second round of Kerjurnas race was not very “exciting”. My lap time did not improve and as a matter of fact I bit disappointed with the results. I hit 1:48.x during free practice but couldn’t repeat that during QTT and race. But at least some of the pics of me during the race were quite nice. Especially the knee down pics.. hope you enjoy it as much as I do… 🙂


1:49″70.. Yay! 1:5x no more!!

Wow… just when I write about to break 1:50 it happened! During the track day for preparation for Indoprix race I clocked 1:49″70! I tell you, I did not expect to break 1:50 so soon. Check out the pics of my lap timer, 1:56 then 1:53 then 1:49! And I did maintain the next lap with 1:50!


The quest for 1:49…

The allure of 1 minutes fourty something second… Well, I come a long way it almost a year since my first track day. From my first official time of 2:13 during Fun Race to my 1:53 during Kejurnas Seri 1. The end of last year I set a personal goal of 1:55 at this post. I achieved that lap time early this year, report at this post.

My unofficial lap time during the time I write this post is about 1:50 – 1:52 ish. So damn close to the 1:4x.. Well perhaps that should be this year target. To brake 1:49..