Suspension Tuning, Part 2

Once sag and preload are set, now is to set suspension damping. If spring exerts force dependent on how much its compressed, damping is to control the speed of the motion. There are two kinds of damping, compression damping and rebound damping. Compression control the speed of the shock or forks to compress while rebound control its speed to re extend after its compress. With no compression damping; the shock or fork will compress quickly, while no rebound damping the fork will extend back almost immediately. Just like a pogo stick, bouncing all over the place.

Proper damping setup will make the bike stable, especially under high speed performance riding. Some bike and after market parts even have further setup like high speed and low speed adjustment, this not to be confused with the speed of the bike but the speed of the suspension travel.


Suspension Tuning, Part 1

All right, lets talk about suspension. As I mentioned at earlier post, I just got my self a Sportbike Suspension Tuning book by Andrew Trevitt. I look forward to learn about suspension setting and try to implement the knowledge I gain to my sportbike.

I highly recommend the book, especially if you interested to know about sportbike suspension. The basic concept of Spring, Damping, Geometry and so forth are all very clearly described. Good stuf!! If you want to learn about sportbike suspension go get a copy of this book.


Mapping the CBR

Yup, the pic above is the 3D map of the fuel injection from my CBR. The graphic shows the RPM (Ne(r/min)), Throttle opening (TH(%)) and injection, the air-fuel, ratio (Fi(%)). I got this map from a friend that have intensive experience in mapping racing bike. So it is not my own mapping just yet, but this map can be as a reference point for me to modify it to my liking.

Caution, I have very minimum experience in setting fuel injection/mapping and I still learn as I go. So bare with me and do comments and correct me if I’m wrong.


Dyno Report CBR600RR

Finally, I manage to get my ’08 CBR600RR dynoed. I took the CRB to Bintang Dyno Facility at Cibinong, and with several run the CBR produced 107HP at the rear wheel. Thanks to Pak Haji Dyan and Samuel that accompany me to the dyno facility and help me to get the CBR to the facility. Thanks also to fellow blogger that have helped me to get better understanding about dyno testing.

From the July edition of SportRider magazine, stock CBR600RR produce 102HP@13,500RPM with max torque of 43.6@11,250RPM. Obviously the HRC kit that I have installed bump up the HP and torque figure and I think I’m quite happy with the result. About 5 HP more! hmm not too bad! 🙂


08 CBR600RR – electronic system upgrade Part 1

Notice anything different about the CBR600RR dashboard above? Yup, there is no RED LINE! All the way to 18K RPM! Above is the pic of HRC CBR600RR dashboard that is part of the HRC’s wiring harness and race ECU that will be installed on my CBR track bike.

Well, not that I need more brute HP and increase performance from the CBR – I might only use less then half of its stock power capability *I think* – but this is one of the thing that I enjoy the most. This upgrade given me the capability to tune, tweak, and play around with the CBR electronics directly by using the software provided by the package. After all, the CBR is a “grown up toy”, and this upgrade gave me more tools to play with.. yay!!


CBR Update Part 1

After the last crash at R3 Sentul Circuit, it was a good time to change the livery and install some performance parts for the CBR. The new parts are: New fairing with new Red/White/Blue livery, HRC full system exhaust, HRC brake line, HRC racing throttle, HRC rear set, Starlane lap timer and new left steering clip-on that was broken during the crash.

As to Feb 19th, it was not finish yet, some of the parts were also not yet arrived. So no practice this week and next.

Some of the pics..