The growing family… Speed Weaponry

I kept my head down and from the corner of my eye I could see two shadows in the tarmac, close and trailing my rear wheel. I kept pushing pass the right hand first Turn 1. The wind  was strong and together with my labour breath were the only thing that I could hear. Still leading pass Turn 2. Both turns are descending so the speed was quick.  Behind me the two shadows were still close. Finally I couldn’t push anymore, the Garmin GPS and heart rate monitor went nuts, my heart rate (HR) was hitting 183 a bit above my Max HR of 180. Fortunately the two shadows behind me were also getting slower so they did not pass me. When I check the top speed from the Garmin unit it was 50.1 Kph.

That story above was not from the last Kejurnas Race, but from cycling around Sentul Circuit. My friends and I from our local race club are now start doing cycling seriously. So before hitting the track with a Superbike (with engine) we did 3 to 4 laps of warm up with a road bike (no engine). We also did cycling only workout on road or off-road at other location, like Foresta BSD, or  to Telaga Warna puncak for off-road and MTB-ing.

As for me I finally getting my self a road bike. A fast road bike. Trek Madone 6. With SRAM Red gear set and Zipp 404 tubular wheel set. Its 6.4 kg. So it’s not comply with UCI weight regulation (which is 15 lbs or 6.8 kg), but heck I’m not participating on any UCI sanction race for the forseeable future so for me the lighter the better 🙂

More pictures after the jump…

The Trek Madone is the bike ridden and obviously made popular by Lance Armstrong. He used the Madone to win several Tour de France (TdF) titles. It also used by Alberto Contador to win the TdF in 2009.  It is a properly breed racing machine with a credential to envy. The Madone’s frame is carbon fibre, and for the Madone series 6 the frame is still hand-made in the U.S.A (lower Madone series is made in Taiwan). The frame is super light and super stiff. But hey, as with my CBR and my sold Ducati, this machine capability is far more superior than that of mine 🙂

For the gear set I use Sram RED with compact crank. I’ve been enjoying trouble-free Sram XX for my MTB, so my choice for Sram Red was obvious for the road bike. What I like about the Sram is its Dual Tap transmission. You move the lever slightly for smaller sprocket, and more for bigger one. It’s that easy. Shimano is different you move the big lever or the small lever for selecting sprocket which for me bit cumborsome.

For the wheel set I’m using Zipp 404 Tubular wheel set. Zipp is famous for its aero wheel with patented dimple surface rim just like a golf ball. The wheel when slice through the air created a vacuum which in turn reduce the amount of power needed to move forward, hence faster speed. The wheel set is super light since it’s a Tubular wheel set made from carbon fibre. Tubular wheel set is not tubeless. The tire still have inner tube but its integrated with the tire. It has less rolling resistance and less weight compare to its normal clincher version.

I’m using this bike almost 2 to 3 times a week, with each ride about 50 km. Since I bought it about 2 months ago I think I’ve ridden it close to 750km already. Much more than what I rode when I got my Ducati in its first 2 months.. 🙂


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