[Photography] Slow shutter speed at Cisarua

Grab the above pic at Cisarua, shooting water flow with slow shutter speed always bring dramatic effect. I was riding my folding bike so I did not bring my tripod. I used my camel bag as sandbag to put my camera on top. Not too bad, considering 🙂

From EXIF data, exsposure 0.6 sec at f/36. ISO 100, EF-S15-85mm, Canon EOS-7D.



10 thoughts on “[Photography] Slow shutter speed at Cisarua

  1. I stand corrected. I read that your lens can go up to f/38. I was comparing to my lens which only goes to f/22 at its smallest opening :p

    1. For mobile phone camera make sure your hand is steady, since the sensor is small and less sensitive to light. Thus it easy to get blur image. Also if I’m using my BB to take picture make sure you know where the light is coming from, best for me is if the light coming from the front of the object…. Hope that helps.. 🙂

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