The growing family… Folding fun!!!

The fun and joy of a folding bike! They simple, fun to ride and this time is for me and the missus. She rides the apple red Tikit Hyperfold and me the green New World Tourist. Both from Bike Friday (BF), a company based in Oregon that hand made all their bikes. Bike Friday’s bike look simple and obviously small, but as their motto said is “Perfomance that Packs”. It even made to the Guinness Book of World Record for the most traveled man in history by bicycle. It ridden by a gentlemen by the name of Heinz Stucke, this link for more about his trip. Impressive eh?

Well for sure I do not intend to start planning for a ride around the world with my BF, hehe, but BF easy and relax ergonomics  make you want to ride for hours and hours and without you knowing it you have ridden for dozens km already.

More story after the jump..

As its name implied, folding bike is.. well, bicycle that can be fold. Its very popular for commuter as you can fold the bike and easily carry them with you on a bus or train, etc. In folding the bike, the BF Tikit Hyperfold is claimed to be the fastest folding bike in the world! Well, not the traveling speed but the speed to fold and un fold the bike. Check out bellow video of BF Tikit hyperfold being ridden, fold, un fold and ridden again in a matters of second..

I’ve been doing night riding with the BF in the months of Ramadhan. We rides to Jakarta old city and visited the national monument at mid night. We started around 11 PM, this is when the BusWay service in Jakarta stop so we can use their lane for biking. We went north to the central Jakarta pass through “Bunderan HI”, the Monas natinonal munument, and finish in the Jakarta old city or Kuta Tua. Along the way we stop by for night snack or Durian fruit. As it was Ramadhan for us moslem, we finish with “Sahur” meals before folding our bike back put it on the trunk and drive home.

Just pure joy and fun. Some pics bellow on the nite ride…


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