R.I.P Shoya Tomizawa and Peter Lenz .. :`(

A sad day indeed. Moto2’s young and talented no 48 succumbed to his injuries sustained during a crash at Misano Moto2 round. Looking at his crash it was indeed terrifyingly similar to that of  Super Sport rider Craig Jones’. The also young and talented WSS rider who killed during his crash at Brands Hatch WSS race in 2008. Both rider fell from their bike and subsequently was hit by another rider. With a close wheel to wheel race they had there was no way the other rider can avoid the fallen rider and its bike. deAngelis was fortunate that he walk away from Tomizawa’s crash, Redding was also fortunate enough to escape serious injuries.

With strict safety regulation for the track many rider fallen off the bike walk away unhurt. Most even run to their tumbled bike and continue the race. After Daijiro Katoh fatal crash in Japan GP where Katoh hit the wall during GP500 race all GP circuit have all of its obstacles cleared. Big and wide gravel trap and paved runoffs are provided in case rider lost control of their bike. Racing suit, helmet, glove, back protector, etc also have improved to protect the rider when they fell off the bike. Yet all those protection means very little when a fallen rider get hit by another rider with bike capable of doing 200+ kph speed. That also the case of Peter Lenz, a very-very young boy and a rising star of US motor racing (13 yr old), who killed in Indianapolis Speedway. Peter was racing for the supporting race at US MotoGP Indy just a week ago when he fell and hit by another rider during warm up.

Both Shoya and Peter loves motorcycle and certainly both love racing. It is a big lost for all of us who love the sport let alone their family and friends…

They will be missed.. Good bye Shoya, good bye Peter.. may you rest in peace… :`(


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