Ducati out of WSBK.. what are you thinking Ducati???

In what I think a very stupid move for what ever reason Ducati decided to pull out from WorldSuperbike championship starting 2011. According to Ducati’s press release (click here) quoted “This decision is part of a specific strategy made by Ducati, the aim being to further increase technological content in production models that will arrive on the market in the coming years…”. What a strange and stupid strategy I may add.

WSBK without Ducati is like Formula 1 without Ferrari, or English Premiere League without Chelsea (or M.U for M.U fans out there :)), or World Cup without Italy. Yes sure, Ferarri doesn’t always win, the same with Chelsea in the EPL or Italy in the World Cup. But their presence there is more than just for winning, they have became a “yard stick”, a measurement on how the others are scaled. Ferrari, Chelsea and Italy soccer team do not always win but they are the team to beat. Dropping out from WSBK is simply implying that.. Hey, we are not that kind of team any more.

Secondly, what will Ducati dropping out of WSBK say about the legendary L twin-engine? That the L twin no longer can compete with the V4 or the I4 engine anymore? That If you want “race type performance” use V4 or I4 instead? Last time I checked all Ducati product line from Superbike to Hypermotard is L twin. With no Ducati presence in WSBK I think Ducati should drop the term “Superbike” on its 848 and 1198 lines. They should call that line a product “Look like a race bike”..!!

I can go on and on pointing out how bad that move made by Ducati,Β  as an ex Ducati owner (that considering to buy new Ducati bike) I’m just disappointed.



9 thoughts on “Ducati out of WSBK.. what are you thinking Ducati???

  1. the way i see it, it more of logical to do so (although as a fan i also hate the decision).

    with Rossi moving in, his salary must come from somewhere right? although sponsors pay most if not all of his salary, Ducati would still have to save their expenses elsewhere as well. as there are otehr aspects that will be affected by this strategy.

    other than that, Rossi was brought in to help Ducati develop their 2012 engine which will be 1000cc (similar to WSBK engines, coincidence?). they believed the technological advancements on v twin is already on it’s peak and going beyond of what it is now will require astronomical research fund, which will be better spent somewhere else.

    this would lead me to believe that Ducati will be back sometime in 2014 or so, when they have an engine that’s powerful enough and competitive in upcoming WSBK season (remember how Aprilia and BMW rule WSBK this year). continuing to compete without an adequate ammunition is plain waste of money i think. sadly, the end of v twins is already in the horizon.. although they will still available to public but for race application we will see something new and more GP-derived technology

    also, ‘superbike’ is ‘superbike’ regardless their participation is WSBK, no?
    we still call the RSV1000R a superbike although Aprilia didn’t join WSBK then.

  2. One more om
    WSBK without ducati is like gado-gado without salt πŸ˜€

    i think they decision to out and just left the satellite team behind is reasonable
    with Haga and Fabrizio performance below expectation, and their rival Aprilia far more superior this year.

    nuff said.

    goog to be here πŸ™‚

  3. Actualy they are planiing to comeback in 2012 bringing whole new bike called ducati hypersport superbike. And it become the sign for the end of”1098″ … Mr bona, what new duc that you are looking for?

  4. “atuh moal rame deui meureun nyak Superbike tanpa Dukati”
    “Gak rame lagi donk Superbike tanpa Ducati”
    “Not good.. Superbike will not interesting again without Ducati”

    Bener gak yah tulisannya!!!!

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