The growing family… Titanium lust..

Titanium stands for strength, it names come from the Greek’s god, Titans. For its strength Titanium is widely used in jet engine, rockets and heavy-duty tools. It’s also completely non rusting and non allergenic, so much so that’s its popular for use inside the body in the form of artificial hip joints and artificial bone, etc.

Picture above is my Titanium frame hard trail cross-country (XC) mountain bike. Hand made in Tennessee USA by Lynskey. The total bike weight less then 10 kg, though carbon frame can be lighter yet the feeling and sensation from riding a Titanium frame is bit different compare to that of carbon. More over, Titanium is build for longevity thus I can pretty much pass this bike to the next generation with out so much wear and tear to the frame :).

Do check more pictures after the jump..

Lynskey family is one of the well known name for bike building using titanium material. The family founded Litespeed, another well known brand for titanium frame and sold it in 1999. They started new brand Lynskey Performance Design after that.  For more information do check their web site

Quoted from Lynskey’s web site “Each Lynskey frame goes through various stages of production, each done by hand, to become one of the finest bicycles you can own. We handcraft each frame using only the best materials available. We work with U.S. milled aerospace grade 6al-4v and 3al-2.5v titanium because it allows us to create the most durable, fine tunable and high-performance bicycle you can ride.”

For my M230 Lynskey frame, I use SRAM XX group set with RockShok SID World Cup 100mm shock. I also use XX on my other bike and very much satisfy and enjoy with how its perform. No complaint there.

The Crank Brothers egg beater pedals, keep the weight low. I’m loving the Crank Brothers, and it is much easier in my opinion to release the cleat from the shoe.

Another shoot from the titanium frame and seat post. Hope you like the pictures.


10 thoughts on “The growing family… Titanium lust..

  1. Titanium bikes are very pretty to look at, but the price of these frames often fells on the expensive side.. Carbon frames are much cheaper nowadays but fells short on the durability..

    Titanium are for hardcore and die hard cyclist and you are definitely one right now :p *must cost more than most motorcycle in our market, but nothing beats these efficient machines!*

  2. Well, although I do like the overall look of the bike, and I bet the overall quality is top notch, but I’m not too fond of the ‘splattered’ bright colored parts in various places of the bike, and the white fork.

  3. titanium does corrode. my titanium parts are always building some sort of layer above the actual Ti. you can notice it when your Ti parts start to change colour, and you can actually wipe a used rag over it and the rust will stick to it.

    also one issue that you have to take into account.
    Ti parts tend to cold-weld with almost any other type metals unless you apply the Ti anti-seize compound. i learnt this the hard way, so you better take a lesson from it haha…

    apart from those, very very VERY beautiful bike you got there!!
    and beauty is in the eye of the beerholder 😉

  4. wew, awesome !!! but i’m still enjoy my 94′ red federal bike hehehehe….hope someday i can afford that kind of bike..amieennnn

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