Apology for no new post.. busy cycling! :)

Well, the picture shows it all. I’ve been busy cycling rather then posting new post about motorcycle at bonadjalins’ blog. My apology. But heck, cycling is fun! So I take back my apology.. Haha 🙂

Picture above our road racer group – yours trully in Yellow – (from left Dyan Dilato, Eddy Saputra, Arie Yuwono and M. Fadli) took Telaga Warna track at Puncak for a bit of fresh air. We rode all the way to Sentul Circuit from Rindu Alam, about 50 Km of descent. Refreshing!

The sensation of no engine noise while riding is truly captivating. I urge my fellow biker to try it out!



7 thoughts on “Apology for no new post.. busy cycling! :)

  1. Dear Mr. Bona,,,,,,

    maybe you should try to track this one ( tangkuban perahu : red ), secured the beauty and feel more cool than cianten and Rindu Alam.
    for little information pliz visit http://juneexc.wordpress.com/2010/06/22/sisi-lain-tpw-tangkuban-perahu-%E2%80%93-situ-wanayasa/ . or if you want to try a different track, specialy ’bout beautiful of curug, pliz check this http://juneexc.wordpress.com/2010/07/22/curug-malela-keindahan-yang-tersembunyi/

    Keep pedaling Never ending

  2. it’s o.k.Bang Bona!! i’ve been thinking about buy my myself a bicycle too! i’m about to try ”bike to work”.dare to try? 😀

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