Pimp my ride!!

Well, check out what I’ve done with my ride! No, not the motorbike, the mountainbike! I hope you like reading about bicycle cause I’ll post more about bicycle then motorbike in the forseeable future 🙂

The above picture is the last iteration of my MTB, the red Specialized Stumpjumper (at this post) is now morphed into 11.6 kg custom S-Works Stumpjumper. I stick with Specialized since I like how it felt. Several friends have Yeti, Titus, Giant, etc and I’ve tried them but I guess my preference is still with Specialized. Not to mentioned that Specialized is the bike rides by two of my favorite rider, Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck which when I write this post is still in the middle of battle for the crown of Tour de France!

More picture after the jump!

Let start with the frame. It’s carbon fiber frame for full suspension bike. The frame comes with Specialized/Fox AFR Brain rear shock, ‘Brain’ you say? Quite a handful eh?

Well, basically the rear shock can sense for bobbing and thus harden the rear shock damper so your pedaling energy is not wasted. Hence the term ‘Brain’.

The front suspension is Fox 32 TALAS FIT RLC with 110 – 130 – 150 adjustable travel. It got Rebound, Lock and Low Speed Compression setting. Pretty much like my CBR’s SHOWA! Setting them is just like setting its motorcycle counterpart. With sag and preload setting based on the rider weight at first.

I am using SRAM XX gear set with a combination of Shimano XTR as front deraileur (FD). The frame does come with the Shimano FD while the rest of the gear set, from crank, chain, cassette, brakes, shifters, levers, rear derailleur are all SRAM XX.

Above XX crank with the Shimano XTR FD. The XX crank (from Truvativ) is very-very light, made from carbon composite materials and very-very strong.

The XX rear derailleur with XX cassette. Check out the cassette, 10 speed! Since the XX is a 10 speed system the XX chain is very-very small compare to standard bike chain. How does it perform? Flawless!

Above pic, carbon and forged magnesium brake lever and shifter attached to the Specialized S-Works XC carbon flat bars.

I’m using CrankBrothers pedal. The mallet with its cleat. Funny story with me and the cleat.. well some other time perhaps. 🙂

The wheels are MAVIC Crossmax SLR. With Mavic hub. The rear axle material is both titanium and aluminum.

Specialized Phenom SL Saddle with Carbon seat post bellow. I also use CrankBrothers joplin 4 adjustable seat post for a bit of all mountain (AM) ride..

Garmin Edge 705. GPS, bike computer and cyclemeter merged into one.

It monitor my position, record my track, shows my cadence rate, my heart rate, speed, altimeter, as well as how many calories I’ve burned. Just love to check how many fat got burn in every ride.

Garmin’s sensor above and the view from the saddle bellow..

More picture of the whole bike, bellow… take me to ride please!!!

Finally just some of the pics of my ride, hope you enjoy reading this post.. END.

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14 thoughts on “Pimp my ride!!

  1. Niiicccceeeee!!!!!

    Makes me miss my bike a whole lot more. I’m still wondering where it is. The reason I abandoned it in the first place was the frame. It was the stupid plastic derailer bracket that made my gear system impossible to set precisely.
    Got good parts on it though, upgraded piece by piece. The last I upgraded, got mostly Deore XT parts on it. But since I have to ‘blue glue’ the old frame, which means taking my bike apart, which I didnt have time (nor money to buy the new frame) at that time, I just left my bike in my garage and never bother even look at it, especially since I had to move to Lampung.
    The house that I left it in was torn down, and now I lost track of it 😦

  2. DAMN,,,,,,,,,,,,beautifull bike, argghhhhhhhh !!!! but it’s really expensive i think Mr. Bona, right !!!!! combine frame Spez and groupset SRAM XX, beuhhhh !!!!

    sometime plz visit to my personal blogs http://juneexc.wordpress.com it’s all about biking and my journal adventure with my bike.

    keep pedalling never ending

  3. you need nokon cables 🙂 it’s super stiff. i ride one and absolutely lovin it.
    and have you tried an iron horse?

    very nice bike indeed!

  4. @Thanks!!

    @Econo. Just Google Nokon cable.. Does it work with the Sram gearset? Ironhorse? They went bankrupt right?

    1. afaik, there are 2 kinds of cables. one for brake and one for shifters. so yea i’d say it will work with sram gearset but please reconfirm first as they are quite pricey for a cable 🙂 but very well worth the money. i couldn’t be happier with mine.

      well yea they went out but it doesn’t necessarily means their previous products become obsolete, right? they made one of the best frames ever so…

  5. This Freakin bike must cost more than my motorcycle!

    Those Sram XX Groupo and Garmin GPS + Cyclometer really Turns Me On! Brutal!

    Nice Ride Bro! just be careful where you park it 🙂

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