Apple is now the biggest IT company in the world..

Well, this I have to write.

According to Financial Time, Apple is now the world’s biggest tech company. Apple has overtaken Microsoft by market value for the largest technology company. When the New York Stock Exchange closed on Wednesday (5/26/10) Apple has worth US$ 222 billion, short only by Exxon Mobil but above Microsoft US$ 219 billion market cap.

Though I have no longer in the IT “industry”, I do attentively lurking on how the industry is progressing. With my background in Electrical Engineering my first job after graduation was in Lotus Software back in 1995. Remember Lotus 1-2-3? Yup, I was a System Engineer for Lotus Indonesia. With Lotus acquired by IBM in 1997 (?), I became part of the Big Blue family till 2001 when I left andΒ  started up my own business.

Anyhow, who would have thought that Apple will become the largest IT company (by market cap). When I was “still” in IT Microsoft ruled the desktop. IBM ruled the server. Apple was in big trouble. Pass forward 2010, I used daily iPod, iPhone, iPad and soon perhaps the iMac or MacBook… Surely Apple has something right. And that is Steve Jobs.

If you must know I take Apple’s side and who need Flash when you have HTML5.. πŸ™‚



10 thoughts on “Apple is now the biggest IT company in the world..

  1. Who knows in the next few years, IT company in Indonesia will be the biggest tech company…by the way iPad doesn’t have flash dough, it’s quite bothering… 😦

    1. Yup, just like India. CMIIW but some of India’s IT co. are among those the biggest.

      Flash is “yesterday”, HTML5 is the “future”.. hehehe

  2. i’ve always love to see and know how the company, big company grows and do the bussiness strategy.

    1. If you have not read “Built to last”, check it out. The book is about companies that become “visionary” and built to last.. πŸ™‚


  3. a few years ago, I was the only person in my office who use Apple iBook G4 when other people use toshiba or dell…

    now there are only 3 people who still use non-apple notebook. the rest are using MacBook or MacBook pro πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ even my boss now use the latest iMac….

  4. hello Bona, long time no comment..

    wait.. you’re an apple fanboy too? haha

    I’ve been an apple fan for my entire computing life, my first encounter with a PC was with the Apple IIe (Lisa?) some 30+ years ago, then came the Mac SE, Mac LC, Mac II series, the Powermacs, the original iMacs, eMacs, iBooks, Mac minis, G3s, G4s, and now I’m using the new 27″ imac. I think I got most of the models except the Quadras, The Cube, and the new Powermacs, because the new iMac is sufficient enough for me..

    I’ve never owned a PC, the only PC in my house was my wife’s tiny netbook, used entirely for web surfing.. hehe that sucks and only strengthened my fanboyism to apple..

    But i haven’t got an iphone, I’m stuck with my palms, you know.. the pda/smartphones for mac users.. since before the iphone era, I wanted to change to iphone just before the iphone 4 leaked.. so I’m holding my breath for iphone 4 to reach here..

    and in the meantime i traded my busted palm for an…. android! hehe please don’t tell steve about this, I feel like having an affair.. hehe



  5. Mr. Bona,
    I hear that Petronas ARRC Seri 3 will be held at Sentul 26-27 June this week.
    Do you have detail schedule ?

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