iPad… (a motorcycle enthusiast review w/ MotoGP Live Timing)

Finally got my self an iPad, a birthday gift from someone special. I always love gadget, not as much as I love motorcycle but close. The iPad, being the latest and coolest things in gadget world at this moment, understandably was on the top of my list for a must have gadget. I love Apple’s gadget, I have the iPod from its classic model to the newest touch, I have iPhone 3G and I used to carry around a MacBook Pro before I decided that Windows-based OS was more suitable for my line of work.

Onced the iPad synced with my iTunes and active for few minutes I must say I was impressed! I know I must write some post in my blog about this iPad, read on!

There are a lot of sites and blogs out there writing about iPad so mine will strictly about how iPad make better some of the way I used to do things. Things like browsing the web, watching video, and how to enjoy a MotoGP event.

The first things I noticed once I had it in my hand was that the iPad is heavy than its look and it was very well-built. There also no manual book, not event a start-up guide like any other electronics/gadget stuff. I guess Apple really confidence that the iPad will literally “work out of the box”. iPad need to be activated with iTunes, and if you have the latest version of iTunes the activation was breezy. The activation was done whilst syncing the iPad with iTunes for the first time. It also transfer iTunes’ contents to the iPad, like music, video, photo, etc.  Once activated the iPad is ready and the first thing on my thought was “wow, that was one gorgeous display!”

Above picture don’t do justice on how good the iPad display is. bonadjalins.wordpress.com is never look this cool! Just like iPhone the image will rotate if you change the orientation of your view, portrait or landscape. Unlike  iPhone the iPad can lock the orientation of the image.

Browsing indomotoblog.wordpress.com in landscape mode above was just very nice. iPad is very well suited for browsing, reading and watching multimedia  contents. I have tons of multimedia contents from photo to video that only look good on PC. With iPhone or iPod, the display is just too small but with iPad is just perfect!

There are many applications for the iPad at the Apple’s App Store. From application to buying and reading book/magazine, productivity tools, reference, etc. You can check them all at Apple.com. But one application that I just must have was the 2010 Official MotoGP Live Timing. I saw the ad at MotoGP.com and it was impressive seeing the animation of riders on the application screen.

The application is basically a live timing application on a steroid! During a live race you can see each rider timing and his position on the race time sheet. Add GPS technology on the bike plus the circuit map now you can see where the location of every bike on the track as well as its movement in real time. Just soo cool to watch.

When not in live race, MotoGP.com will shows the “recorded” live timing. Like the above picture is the 2009 LeMans MotoGP, while Pedrosa was leading the race.

You can follow any rider just by touching the moving rider icon, and it’s just like video game where the screen will follow just this particular rider. There are other info like race info, section info, etc. It is a great companion for watching the race live TV, where you can track any rider you want and not depend only on what captured by the TV camera.

So far the iPad has impressed me, not only the hardware, but most importantly the application and the contents that are available for the iPad.



28 thoughts on “iPad… (a motorcycle enthusiast review w/ MotoGP Live Timing)

  1. I’ve tested my Boss iPad 3G for a spin, I was amaze by the LCD quality, which was very sharp and clear. Also the ability to purchase books directly from Apple, I know those are already available with iTunes, but the book shelves were great touch.

    Also I played a 3D car racing, which I suppose to turn the iPad just like a steering wheel, neat!

    It is not a fast machine, but the display, looks, were just perfect!

    1. Yup, no USB port. But what an USB port for the iPad for anyway. The iPod and iPhone don’t have USB port either..

      1. econo :
        how about,… extra storage?

        just buy the 64 gb version…. 😀 😀 iPad application is small and even a full DVD movie converted to iPad is only around 1 GB per movie.

  2. I’m also a fan of Apple’s products. My wife really enjoys her ipod, & I’m really satiffied with my Macbook Pro. But I dont know if I wanna go around carrying something bulky, but not helpful for work, such as the ipad. My choice of transportation on my motorbike makes it useless to use on the road, and I cant use it for work at the office. And if I’m only gonna use it for fun at home, might as well just boot up my macpro.

    Although I have no intention of buying one, I’m still excited about trying out my dad’s, who’s the real gadget freak in my family. It’s coming from abroad, cause he wanted the 3G version.

    Btw, I noticed your brother also used one during a meeting at my plant a few weeks ago. Very noticeable, since everyone else used a laptop 🙂

    1. Yup, my brother also bought one.. 🙂

      I think iPad is not for iPod or MacBook replacement. The iPad is certainly too big for just listening to music and too “simple” for doing real work such as word processing, spread sheet, etc.

      Some say iPad is suitable for enjoying contents, such as reading an e-book/e-magazine, or watching TV shows or casual movie and it certainly is! I love iPad iBook application where you can browse, buy and read book from its virtual book store. You can buy and safe literally thousand of e-book/e-magazine with iPad and reading them is just like read normal book but more, you don’t know a word simple tap them and the dictionary will pop up.

      Why did I sound like an iPad advertisement? Heheheh

  3. in the past article, you tried the iphone 3GS with harry lap timer software, then you should buy the Harry trainer software, the Harry lap timer companion 😀 😀 you can analyze the result from iphone 😀 😀

    1. Yup, I got Harry Laptimer. And my iPhone is 3G not 3GS.. 🙂 I haven’t used it for a while as I bit worry putting my iPhone on my track bike, with the crash and all.. heheheh

      1. I tied the iphone on the rear seat of my bike 😀 😀 crash twice but the iphone survive 😀 😀 😀

        I saw you a few times at sentul 😀 in fact you overlap me a few times hahahahhahha

      2. Really? How did you tie the iPhone to the bike? I was using good old duct tape. 🙂

        Did I pass you? Hehehe should say Hi next time.. 🙂

      3. I use my original rear seat on my R1. the rear seat has a strap on it and the iphone fit just perfect.

        I tried to follow your racing lines but you were too fast 😀 😀 my personal best only 1:58 according to the iphone 😀 😀

      4. victor :
        I use my original rear seat on my R1. the rear seat has a strap on it and the iphone fit just perfect.
        I tried to follow your racing lines but you were too fast my personal best only 1:58 according to the iphone

        that’s one sketchy way of putting your iPhone haha!
        especially on an R1!

      5. but proven 😀 😀 I crash twice that day but the iphone still in its place 😀 😀 😀

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