[Photography]Indonesia SuperSport Championship Series II, the winner (Part 1)

M Fadli, the winner for the second series and currently leading the Indonesia SuperSport Championship. All picture in this post were taken with the new 70-200 f/2.8 IS II USM. Above picture was Fadli on the fast Turn 2 at Sentul, this turn separate the man from the boys. Fast sweeping left handed taken pin down.

More pictures after the jump.

Fadli who qualified on the second position behind his team mate Sudarmono was doing an ok start, yet the pole man Sudarmono was the first to reach the first corner.

Fadli exiting Turn 4, head down full gas…

What the rest of the field saw… M Fadli rear end.

Fadli at the slippery S Kecil

Petronas Yamaha Indonesia won 1 and 2, Sudarmono with the bike no “54” took second position.

Sudarmono at the last turn, Turn 12 at Sentul.

Sudarmono at S Kecil.

Satria from ASH with Yamaha R6, took 3rd. A very promising your rider.

Exiting Turn 4…

Turn 12.

Satria very much aware where the camera was.. 🙂



7 thoughts on “[Photography]Indonesia SuperSport Championship Series II, the winner (Part 1)

  1. bro.. for all your pictures: SUPERB!!!

    please someday write us how to panning successfully like yours.

    and please share us how’s your picture taken, i mean like the technical data, speed, aperture, iso, wb, picture control ??

    hehe, cheers 🙂

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