[Photography]Indonesia SuperSport Championship Series II (Part 2)

The fourth position for the second time was Dimas Ekky P, this young talented rider will certainly taste the rostrum with the support given by Ducati Indonesia. His riding style remind me of the great Mick Doohan with the head,  upper body and torso always up and close to the tank. His tall posture suite the 848 very-very well.

More pictures after the jump..

Bravo to Ducati Indonesia – PT Supermoto, by giving support to the Indonesia SuperSport and the SuperBike series. Shame on the other big manufacturer that did not participate but sells million of moped in the Indonesian market. Care to name who?

In local we say “Gas pooooll….”  exiting Turn 4 chasing the ASH rider Satria.

Now that an easy knee down…

Hendriansyah, no 76, last year Champion, was not very lucky. With minimum preparation and on a loan bike was not on the podium. He will surely fight on the next race.

Another young talent graduated from the Underbone class, Rafid Topan. He still adjusting with the SuperSport class. Look for him in the future for sure!

The most beautiful bike on the grip, Harlan Fadilah AHRS Suzuki. Look at that stunning color. Note to Ducati Indonesia, be more creative with the livery will you!

Harlan during Practice. Too bad he crashed on the race and DNF.

Another young rider, Gogor Ristanto, No 51.  Look calm entering Turn 3.

Adrian Rusmiputro, No 12. He moved back to SuperSport from the Kawasaki 250cc class, also another young rider to look out in the future.

Topan and Satria, practice time.

Gogor pin down in Turn 2.

Hope you enjoy the picture.



7 thoughts on “[Photography]Indonesia SuperSport Championship Series II (Part 2)

  1. Great picture bang bona… !!! Maybe if you don’t mind,… share the equipment, the fnumber, speed etc… i think very useful for us… right …??? xixixi 😀

  2. nice shots, again!!!

    btw more and more people are joining supersports class nowadays eh? that’s a good thing indeed.

    1. Thanks bro..

      Yup, the supersport class get more popular nowadays. With several new team forming up. It will getting more participant in the future.

      The only major problem is that Sentul is the only circuit safe enough for this type of bike in Indonsia. We need more track!

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