[Race Mod] STM Slipper clutch for CBR600RR Part II (End)

Following this post, with the new clutch plate installed finally I think I can really felt how the new slipper clutch really work. Before installing the new clutch plate the “slip” was just too much and it even slip during acceleration. I still getting used to the “slip” action of the clutch but so far I like how the bike felt, especially during downshifting.

To say that slipper clutch totally eliminate engine brake is not really true, there is still engine brake but the force is not that great which can caused rear tire to lock. Downshifting from 6th to 3rd coming to the first turn at Sentul I can still feel some engine braking but the front brake make it almost trivial.

The confident that the rear tire will not lock up during downshift also helps when you need to downshift during turning and leaning. Like the turn 3 and 4 in Sentul, this big hair pin usually require the rider to downshift mid corner. You coming in with 3rd and right in the middle you downshift again to 2nd, other wise you’ll lost momentum coming out the corner. With slipper clutch I can be more confident at that time, it’s always tricky when you have high rev, the bike in lean, and downshift. Those combination always make some pretty scary situation. The last thing you want to do is to upset the rear tire during cornering, and with the rev up high is easy to upset the rear tire.

The real test for me with the slipper clutch will be this week end during the second series race. Hopefully it bring down my lap time some more 🙂


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