[Track Day] The new R1 and GSXR-1000

Last Sunday track day was bit special, there were two new bikes in our club. The world champion Yamaha YZF-R1 09 and the currently leading the 2010 WSBK champion Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9. The R1 was race ready with Akra full exhaust system + PowerCommander, Brembo brake system, Ohlins TTX shock, etc. The Gixxer, however, had just arrived and my friend was still brake in the engine.

Nice eh…

Stock Gixxer K9, see on the back ground the Gixxer K6…



More pics bellow..


11 thoughts on “[Track Day] The new R1 and GSXR-1000

  1. yeah…nice take of photo. i like this blog due combining blog with beautiful photo.
    have you submit any photo to bikepics.com? or where I can found any motorcycle photo with the best resolution and angle?

    1. Yup, the K9 gixxer is one great looking bike.

      Stay tune, the owner is “upgrading” the K9 soon, I’ll post some pics 🙂

      BTW love your work with the hi tech art work! Awesome!

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