[Race Report]Kejurnas Superbike Race 2010 Seri 1

Picture courtesy of TMC

The Superbike National Championship (Kejurnas Superbike) 2010 has just started! Yours truly number 14 (the number got nothing to do with Randy de Puniet :D) with the new livery of my trusty CBR600RR. You might ask what supersport bike doing in the superbike series? Well my friend, unfortunately my CBR600RR is not comply with the regulation for the National Supersport series. I’ve added mod part to the bike that make it wont pass scrutineering for the Supersport series.

But heck, personally I prefer joining the Superbike series as it considered to be a “club” race with most of the participants are my friends at our race club while the Supersport series fill with professional racer preparing for the prestigious FIM Asian Supersport Championship. With my main intention of joining the championship for pure “fun” and the sheer “thrill”, it make all the sense for me to joint the Superbike championship instead 😛

The race weekend was for sure exhilarating, but if I can take one important lesson from the week end was that I can overcome my “fear” for all the cement patches scattered around the track. See, Sentul is notorious for its cement patches. I’ve crashed on this very patches a few times at S kecil chicane and R 10, fortunately nothing serious. You can’t really sure how the grip on this cement patch especially when its dump or wet. But heck the whole weekend the weather was just perfect and I can see that the faster rider seem did not care with the patches so did I. The picture above you can see the cement patches while on lean angle.

With that mind set I knew that I was OK. My time during practice was consistent and I can easily clocking low 47. During QTT I managed to get 1:46, and it was official! With that time I manage to get the second row of the grid, my best starting position so far! My goal for the race is simple, to finish the race! With the track temperature easily reach 40C is easy to get exhausted during the race. Last year I failed to finish few races because of this. So this year my plan is to finish the race while keeping my time low.

Picture courtesy of TMC

I was doing OK start, I knew behind me was Nugroho with his powerful Ducati 1098S. He was tough to overtake, so I must made a good start. Keeping the rev at 6000 RPM I release the clutch as such while keeping the front wheel down. The front felt really light so I regulate the throttle to get maximum traction. And it was awesome feeling, with several of my faster friend behind me after the start I tried to hold in to my position.

Picture courtesy of TMC

Well, I need more practice for sure, after tried to hold in to my position few faster rider reclaimed their position. I was still bit “slow” in entering S Kecil. I was overtook in this very spot twice, so need more track time for sure.

At the end of the day I was happy. I finished the 12 laps race, I kept my time low and get my official best time of 1:46.x during the week end. Let see what the 2nd series will bring, hopefully a second or two faster!!



4 thoughts on “[Race Report]Kejurnas Superbike Race 2010 Seri 1

  1. Nice story you got there, i see that you’re really enjoy riding that CBR 600rr of yours =D . i once borrowed my friend’s CBR 600rr, and every time i pulled the throttle i can’t control the power that burst from the bike (the bike tend to do wheelie every time i pulled the throttle) =(

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