[Photography] Indonesia Ninja Road Racing Series

Indoprix IP1 and IP2 might had the most tight and fierce race, the Supersport and Superbike might had the fastest lap time, but nothing beat the Ninja 250R Race in term of show!! This beautiful shape bike is simply stunning in its racing color. While the underbone bike were simply put -well- ugly in appearance, and the Supersport and Superbike were just too monotone in color during last race, the Ninja has put quite a show! With many rider participate all of them were just like peacock showing off their color.

The race were not boring also, far from that. With many rider participate the last series had produced tight race and enjoyable to watch. Above picture of blue Ninja No 21 was one of the winner. Look how smooth he was.

Feast your eyes with beautiful Ninja 250R bellow…

Two red Ninja battle it out at the last corner.

How tight can you go? Overtaking on the corner.

Look at those candy color.. Yummy!!

Silver Arrow…

Smooth as silk.

Text book body position. Perfect. No way you can do that with underbone.

Love this rider. Bit oversize with long hair, but his riding style simply beautiful!

The bike firing is the canvas.

The official color of Ninja..

Look at those knee slider!!

With crashes. Fortunately the rider is a OK.


All pictures copyright of bonadjalins.wordpress.com

Some more pics on the full gallery bellow..

23 thoughts on “[Photography] Indonesia Ninja Road Racing Series

  1. https://bonadjalins.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/img_8349.jpg?w=500&h=333

    my favourite. nice cornering, and nice shots too!!

    i’d say the tall bars of the ninja 250 a bit distracting and altering the geo for a proper cornering too much. when they made fiberglass fairing for the ninja, why wouldn’t they made it much lower so they can put the clip-ons below the yoke?
    see,.. those excessively bent elbows disturb my eyes hahaha..

    also, i noticed that very few ninja 250 racers are actually riding exotic exhausts… any idea why?

    1. using the clip-on destroy the center of gravity of the bike. Stock bars still better than put the clip-on below (for cornering). clip-on bar only better on straight line (and better look :-))

      about the exotic exhaust, not only about the cost but also performance. most of the exotic exhaust made for stock engine, not for heavy modified engine. in the circuit, some guy even do not use muffler, only use pipe.

      1. oh wow,..

        i wouldn’t call it ‘destroy’ as it clearly is personal preference. also, how often do we see Casey Stoner on clip-on above clamp? just a food for thoughts..

        however, i see more positive points in using clip-ons below the triple clamps for racing use.
        – lower riding position, means lower drag
        – more weight on the front end, means more confidence mid corner and trail braking
        – on the gravity subject, it lowers it. meaning more stability, plus making it front bias means more grip on the front wheel.
        – a few more that you probably won’t care about..

        as for the exotic exhaust made for stock engine,.. aren’t all the ninjas in stock engine?

      2. I mean that the ninja 250 already designed using that “high rise bar”. the kawasaki engineer already calculated every factor when they build that bike. for reference, I own a ninja and already use it on sentul too. I keep my stock bar because it feel a lot of better than clip on when cornering. maybe it’s ugly but effective. the only things I should change is the rear set.

        if you changed the bar, you should change another factor (I don’t know what, honestly) to compensate it.

        stoner’s bike are designed using low bar :D. can not compare them :-). When I decided to modify my R1 to be a streetfighter, the same problem happened because the R1 already designed using under clamp bar.

        about the engine, I just know that they use stock engine. my bad :-). then it must be the cost factor not to use exotic exhaust 🙂 :-).

  2. woowww…faboulous picts !!
    to bad I miss the shot at the last corner hiks 😥

    wait for the 2nd Race at Mei

    bang Bona, May I copy some of this pict for my Ninja race Report?

  3. Awesome pics man…two thumbs up for the photographer.
    I would like to see 250’s best lap with modified camshaft & increased compression ratio. I bet it will pass the 150RR’s. The last time I heard it was left behind by 1 sec since the 150RR have unlimited mods while the 250R is way restricted…hmm…

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