Ducati Multistrada 1200 VS BMW R 1200 GS

According to MCN the new Multistrada is for folks who ride sports bike but wishes a touring bike, while the GS is.. well.. a proper touring bike.

Surprisingly the GS, albeit much less power compare to the monstrous Superbike based engine of the Ducati, can keep up with the Duc on the straight. But on twisty on-road asphalt road the Ducati simply pulls away. Understandably the big 19″ front wheel of the GS make it less agile, while the Ducati is using normal on road front tire.

The reign of the GS is seriously challenged by the new knight in town.. 🙂


Sourece: YouTube, MCN.


5 thoughts on “Ducati Multistrada 1200 VS BMW R 1200 GS

  1. what annoys me about those blokes at MCN is tha they are comparing the ducati to bike in totally different category.. the gs and tenere is the comparison that people want to hear about.. and not just riding around the perfect bitumen of the alps. Those dude suck at giving a balanced view! I would love a multistrad if i had a bad back and still wanted a sprts bike. But lets face it, the people who are looking at tenere’s and GS’s at least in australia would not dream of the Ducati. The ktm is lovely, but they are all having engine worka at lesss than 50 k.. thats not reliable

  2. sorry, i am not an italian with bad engklich, just drunk and cant type,, i rode super ten the other day and it was only a 20 minute test ride, but the engine is impressive and it feels lighter than the GS. I dont know how well it handles in the twisties.. but i know the GS is lovely, i borrrowed mates on the weekend.. i just cant make my mind up about that boxer engine

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