2010 National Superbike/Supersport Series

Yup, finally the 2010 National Superike/Supersport Championship will be kicking off this week end. I plan to participate in the first series of the championship on April 3 and 4 at Sentul Circuit . This will be my 4th year  participating in the championship and just like the year before my intention is simply to have FUN!

The Indonesia National Superbike Championship is basically a single circuit race as Sentul is the only track capable for big cc (Superbike and Supersport) motorcycle. And with all the professional rider are on the SuperSport class, the Superbike class is pretty much a  “club race” or a “community race”, where all of the participant are amateur and hobbyist/enthusiast. Yet, just like any other race, it bring some close race especially for the season veteran such as Arie Yuwono (2009 National Championship), Matteo G and other fast rider.

As for me my main target is to finish the race (this year will be 12 laps, down from 15 laps for 2009) and hopefully I can improve my lap time by a second or two 😀



9 thoughts on “2010 National Superbike/Supersport Series

  1. Mantafffff…..Mudah2an race motor sport dan superbike menjadi lebih semarak, sesemarak race mobek dan skubek…….

  2. sorry if I ask too many questions 🙂 :
    – is the Junior SBK open for everyone? How much the cost?
    – should I come to sentul on Friday with the bike?
    – because it will be 2 days event (practice and race), could I put the bike on the sentul’s “garage” for 2 days? How much the cost?

    1. Hi Victor..

      To answer your questions:

      1. Junior SBK is currently being organized by Vendetta Moto club (http://www.vendettamoto.com), do contact them for more info.

      2. I think the registration already close, but you can check with Vendetta Moto.

      3. Sentul does rent its “garage” during race weekend, but since the Junior SBK is organized by Vendetta Moto do check with them..

      Hope the above help. 🙂

  3. just wondering,..
    do the races have to be based on proddie bikes?
    what if someone comes with his own custom-built frame? like moto2 bikes. CBR engine with custom frame.

  4. thanks a lot for the answer :-). I’ve visited the vendettamoto web before but didn’t find any clue about the race. or maybe the race is for member only?

    maybe next time, still need a lot of practice too :-). Just got 2:05 with 1999 R1 😦 😦

  5. @victor
    If You want to participate the next race,… gampang laaagh to be arrange… !!! You can participate as new racer or simply substitute me .. if i cant participate… !!! But you have KIS card… 😀

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