MotoGP: Say hello to 2010 MotoGP session..!

Look at that Desmosedici GP-10 exhaust! If didn’t know better one will thought that the bike is jet powered! Welcome to the 2010 MotoGP session! Yup, the new regulation ruled that each bike is limited to 6 engines only, that means 1 engine for 3 races. The Ducati Pramac team as in the picture above is installing the filter grid on their exhaust, basically to “protect” the engine from any object that may enter the engine from the exhaust and may damage the engine. Anything to ensure that 6 engines can last the entire session!

With the completion of Qatar official test, one can pretty much read how the session will develop, at least for the first race in Qatar that is less then a month time from the test.

The combine Times shows Stoner and Rossi at the top of the sheet, no surprise there. The other two Fantastic Four (Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner, Pedrosa) was more than a second behind, that was huge gap. Lorenzo is still injured, so its understandable that he is not on his best form. But with the first race less than a month he might not recuperate in time and might lost valuable points in the race for the championship early in the session.

Pedrosa is another question mark. He is moving from Showa to Ohlins so he might need more time to be confident with his setup. Dovizioso has already used Ohlins from mid last year and he was faster then Pedrosa on the test. Perhaps with more lap time with the Ohlins Dovi has found his setup for his bike already while obviously Pedrosa is still struggling.

Suzuki was 6th with Capirossi. Compare to last year bike Suzuki got more parts and modification, apparently those changes working quite well for Capirossi. His team mate, Bautista, is the best among 250cc rookie while the rest of 250cc rookie were, well, the slowest of the bunch.

The Superbike World Champion, Ben Spies, is officially the best “rookie” out there. He was taking “baby steps”  that apparently way faster then even the 250cc World Champion and the runner up. I will not be surprise if Spies will win his first GP in 2010.

Cannot wait for the April 11th!



3 thoughts on “MotoGP: Say hello to 2010 MotoGP session..!

  1. yeupp,..
    i remembered when Rossi entered first GP500 back in 99 i think..? the same story might apply to Spies here. except none of Superbike champion has had good luck in Motogp so far (and as far as i can remember). another myth to bust by Spies.

    1. Yeah, Lorenzo entry to MotoGP in 08 also with high expectation with good result for the first few races.But crashes and injury after that denied him the championship.

      As long as Spies not crash or injure in his first year, he should be one of the title contender..

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